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Recent Alumni


Fall 2018

Cade Bowlin, MS, Research Title: An Evaluation of Coyote Diets on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas, Across La Niña versus El Niño Weather Patterns

Brian DeSanti, MS

Shea Mullican, MS, Research Title: Breeding Ecology of American Kestrels in the Llano Estacado of Texas


Summer 2018

Jessica Pease, PhD, Research Title: Variation and Plasticity and Their Interaction with Urbanization in Guadalupe Bass Populations On and Off the Edwards Plateau

Leobardo Richarte-Delgado, PhD, Research Title: Developmental Morphology Quantification and Biomass Response to Seasonal Defoliation of Short, Mid and Tall Grasses of North America


Spring 2018

Neil Estes, MS, Research Title: Distribution and Associated Arthropods of Native and Non-native Thistles in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico, USA

Stephanie Freeman, MS, Research Title: Relationships of Structural Characteristics and Homeowner Socioeconomics with Urban Vegetation and Bird Communities

Yvonne Jimison, MS, Research Title: Influence of Smoke on Germination of
Southern High Plains Species

Jonathan Knudsen, MS, Research Title: Effects of Wildland Fire on Ant Community Structure and Colonization of the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico, USA

Britt Smith, PhD, Research Title: Fire Ecology of Rangeland Arthropods in the Southern Great Plains

Fall 2017

Demi Gary, MS, Research Title: Examining the Southern Great Plains for Hotspots of At-risk Species and Assessing Efficacy of a Decision Support Tool

Sam Harryman, MS, Research Title: Understanding the Ecology of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in Conservation Reserve Program-Dominated Landscapes with Implications toward Lesser Prairie-Chicken Management in Texas

Tiffany Lane, MS, Research Title: Multi-scale Habitat Selection by Wintering Waterfowl on Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Colton Laws, MS, Research Title: Status and Long-Term Use of Artificial Escape Dens by Swift Foxes in Northwest Texas

Vaughn Smith, MS, Research Title: Near Real-Time Monitoring of Tropical
Dry Forests in North and Central America

Michael Whitson, MS, Research Title: Use of Moist-Soil Management Techniques for Wintering Waterfowl in Fallow Rice Fields on the Upper Texas Coast

Derek Wiley, MS, Research Title: Northern Bobwhite Reproduction in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Spring 2017

De Gao, PhD, Research title: Biogeography of herpetofaunas in the west indies and alien invasion

Olivia Kost, MS, Research title: Influences of grassland restoration and weather patterns on avian species within the coastal prairie ecoregion

Natasia Mitchell, MS, Research title: Assessment of golden eagles in the southern great plains and trans pecos regions

Aldo Sales, PhD, Research title: Seedling Development On Forage Grasses According To Seral Stage

Sasha Soto, MS, Research title: The consideration of biotype and other sub‐species organization to improve invasive species management

Fall 2016

Katie Guntly, MS, Research title: Black bear (Ursus americanus) movements, diet, and impacts on ungulate neonate survival on the National Rifle Association Whitington Center, New Mexico

Greg Pavur, MS, Research title: Status of mesocarnivores in an area occupied by a declining population of swift foxes, Vulpes velox, in northwestern Texas

Nicole Quintana, PhD, Research title: Predator-prey relationships between Rocky Mountain elk and black bears in Northern New Mexico

Daniel Raleigh, MS, Research title: Assessing Sandhill Crane overwintering resource use in western Texas using GIS and remote sensing

Allie Webb, MS, Research title: Bouteloua gracilis Competition with Salsola iberica in Shortgrass Prairie Rangelands

Wondu Whibesilassie, PhD, Research title: African Civets in Ethiopia: - Husbandry, Practice, Peoples' Perception and Knowledge, and Damage Analysis

Summer 2016

Hannah Ashbaugh, MS, Research title: Environmental Availability and Potential Influences of Heavy Metals on Snowy Plovers in the Southern Great Plains of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma

Alix Godar, MS, Research title: Influence of Climate Change and Land Use on Lesser Prairie-Chicken Population Persistence in Sand Sagebrush and Short Grass Prairies

Cody Griffin, MS, Research title: Influence of Climate Change and Land Use on Lesser Prairie-Chicken Population Persistence in the Sand Shinnery Oak and Mixed-Grass Prairies

Erin Stukenholtz (Bohlender), MS, Research title: Hormone Concentrations, Vaginal Cytology And Diet: Variations During Reproduction In Seba's Short-Tailed Fruit Bat

Wade Massure, MS, Research title: Influence of Drought and Anthropogenic Flow Alterations on the Growth of Stream Fishes on the Edwards Plateau, Central Texas

John McLaughlin, MS, Research title: Effects of Broadcast Feeding at Multiple Rates on the Over-Winter and Annual Survival Rates of Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Kamal Humagain, PhD, Research title: Ecological Variation Among Vegetation Cover Types And Forest Stand Dynamics In The South-West Jemez Mountains, New Mexico

Spring 2016

Lisa Clark, MS, Research title: Waterfowl Use Assessment

Emily Conant, MS, Research title: Assessing pronghorn translocation success in New Mexico

Courtenay Conring, MS, Research title: Assessing the overwinter ecology of sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) in the Lower Colorado River Valley

Joseph Drake, MS, Research title: Evaluating landscape connectivity of desert waters for various wildlife species using network analysis

Morgan Gilbert, MS, Research title: Use of river-reservoir interface habitats by larval and juvenile fishes: Influence of lateral connectivity and multi-scale environmental conditions

Masi Mejia, MS, Research title: Minorities and their views on the Environment

Krista Mougey, PhD, Research title: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation of the West Indian Stout Rock Iguana (Cyclura pinguis)

Fall 2015

Trevor Gicklhorn, MS, Research title: Assessing Wildlife Use of Artificial Water Sources in West Texas

Laurie Groen, MS, Research title: Swainson's Hawks

Yeong-Seok Jo, PhD, Research title: Conservation of Northeast Asian Mammals

Matthew McEwen, MS, Research title: Plant Succession on a Shortgrass Plains Ecosystem over a 17-year Period

Kristin Stacy, MS NT, Research title: Salamanders in the Lubbock water supply

Mark Thomas, MS, Research title: Survival and Movement of Parent-Reared Northern Bobwhite Quail in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Summer 2015

Jordan Calvert, MS, Research title: Factors influencing the frequency of visits to wildlife waters in the Sonoran Desert

Nicholas Goforth, MS, Research title: Effects of Wildfires on Activity Levels of Forest-Dwelling Bats on the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico

Katherine Leuenberger, MS, Research title: Urban birds compared to vegetation and house prices

Caleb Roberts, MS, Research title: The Responses of Elk and Vegetation to Forest Restoration in the Jemez Mountains

Kristina Young, MS, Research title: Human dimensions/uses of playas in urban areas and drought implications

Spring 2015

Kyle Brunson, MS

Nate Duncan, MS, Research title: Pronghorn population dynamics and habitat connectivity

Jessica East, MS, Research title: Aquatic foodweb structure along multi-scale environmental gradients in the Pecos River

Anthony Giordano, PhD, Research title: Status and population structure of jaguars (Panthera onca) in the Northern Paraguayan Chaco

Colleen Martin, MS, Research title: The effectiveness of curtailment on bat mortality and an assessment of bat and avian fatalities at Sheffield Wind Farm, Vermont

Anna Meyer, MS, Research title: The effects of disturbance ecology and land management on the Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)

Grant Sorensen, PhD, Research title: Population Dynamics of Adult-Female Mule Deer in North-Central New Mexico

Fall 2014

Matt Bukin, MS NT

Qingman Chen, MS

Ryan DeVore, MS

Rachel Granberg, MS

Kristen Linner, MS

Jon McRoberts, PhD

Luis Tirado, MS NT