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Summer 2022


Spring 2022

Matthew Buchholz, PhD

Nathan Eldridge, MS

Owen George, MS

Mark Johnson, PhD

Sadie Roth, MS

Amanda Schmidt, MS

Summer 2021

Kathryn Brautigam, PhD

Tara Durboraw, MS

Charles Jacobs, MS

Manuel Silva, MS

Katheryn Watson, PhD

Rowdy White, MS

Spring 2021

Natalia Hamilton, MS

Christopher Miller, PhD

Kelton Mote, MS

Fall 2020

Brett Andersen, MS, Research Title: Influences of Habitat and Temperature on Winter Bat Assemblages 

KR Vedolich, MS, Research Title: Small Mammal Response to Weather and Vegetation Structure in an Isolated Rangeland

Summer 2020

Jessica Holman, MS

Caroline Skidmore, MS, Research Title: Community Ecology of Riparian Avifauna and Nesting Riparian Raptors in the Trans Pecos Region of Texas

Yingbo Zhang, MS

Spring 2020

Joshua Haese, MS

Jordan Wagner, MS

Kelbi Delaune Trotter, PhD, Research Title: Aquatic Biodiversity in the Pecos River: Investigating Threats, Resources, and New Monitoring Methods

Fall 2019

Christopher Carter, MS, Research Title: Mesopredator Occurrence and Relationships with Natural and Anthropogenic Features in an Urban Area on the Southern High Plains of Texas

Courtney Jasik, MS, Research Title: Relationship Between Huisache (Acacia farnesiana) Canopy Cover and Understory Forage Characteristics in Texas Coastal Prairies

Courtney Ramsey, MS, Research Title: Pronghorn Fawn Survival, Bed-site Characteristics, and Adult Doe Habitat Selection in Southeastern New Mexico

Summer 2019

Kristen Heath, MS, Research Title: Population Trends and Connectivity of Snowy Plovers on the Southern Great Plains of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma

Isaac Young, MS, Research Title: Influence of Predator Management on Northern Bobwhite Nest Success

Rebecca Perkins, PhD, Research Title: Impacts of Transmitter Weight and Attachment on Raptor Agility and Survival

Sean Yancey, PhD, Research Title: Translocation of Northern Bobwhites and Scaled Quail from South Texas to the Rolling Plains of Texas

Spring 2019 

Drew Arnold, MS, Research Title: The Immunocompetence and Immunomodulation of Northern Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginianus)

Matthew Jackson, MS, Research Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of UAV-Based Remote Sensing Systems to Detect Rangeland Plant Species in the Texas Panhandle 

Jessica Mehta, MS, Research Title: An Examination of Juvenile Northern Bobwhite Survival and Movement Patterns During Late Summer and Early Fall on the Rolling Plains of Texas

James Reid, MS, Research Title: Effects of Predator Reduction on Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Emily Richardson, MS, Research Title: Salinity Adaptation in the Harmful Alga, Prymnesium parvum

Matthew Acre, PhD, Research Title: Assessing Demography, Habitat Use, and Flow Regime Effects on Spawning Migrations of Blue Sucker in the Lower Colorado River, Texas

Byron Buckley, PhD

Fall 2018

Cade Bowlin, MS, Research Title: An Evaluation of Coyote Diets on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas, Across La Niña versus El Niño Weather Patterns

Brian DeSanti, MS

Shea Mullican, MS, Research Title: Breeding Ecology of American Kestrels in the Llano Estacado of Texas

Summer 2018

Jessica Pease, PhD, Research Title: Variation and Plasticity and Their Interaction with Urbanization in Guadalupe Bass Populations On and Off the Edwards Plateau

Leobardo Richarte-Delgado, PhD, Research Title: Developmental Morphology Quantification and Biomass Response to Seasonal Defoliation of Short, Mid and Tall Grasses of North America


Spring 2018

Neil Estes, MS, Research Title: Distribution and Associated Arthropods of Native and Non-native Thistles in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico, USA

Stephanie Freeman, MS, Research Title: Relationships of Structural Characteristics and Homeowner Socioeconomics with Urban Vegetation and Bird Communities

Yvonne Jimison, MS, Research Title: Influence of Smoke on Germination of
Southern High Plains Species

Jonathan Knudsen, MS, Research Title: Effects of Wildland Fire on Ant Community Structure and Colonization of the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico, USA

Britt Smith, PhD, Research Title: Fire Ecology of Rangeland Arthropods in the Southern Great Plains

Fall 2017

Demi Gary, MS, Research Title: Examining the Southern Great Plains for Hotspots of At-risk Species and Assessing Efficacy of a Decision Support Tool

Sam Harryman, MS, Research Title: Understanding the Ecology of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in Conservation Reserve Program-Dominated Landscapes with Implications toward Lesser Prairie-Chicken Management in Texas

Tiffany Lane, MS, Research Title: Multi-scale Habitat Selection by Wintering Waterfowl on Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Colton Laws, MS, Research Title: Status and Long-Term Use of Artificial Escape Dens by Swift Foxes in Northwest Texas

Vaughn Smith, MS, Research Title: Near Real-Time Monitoring of Tropical
Dry Forests in North and Central America

Michael Whitson, MS, Research Title: Use of Moist-Soil Management Techniques for Wintering Waterfowl in Fallow Rice Fields on the Upper Texas Coast

Derek Wiley, MS, Research Title: Northern Bobwhite Reproduction in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Spring 2017

De Gao, PhD, Research title: Biogeography of herpetofaunas in the west indies and alien invasion

Olivia Kost, MS, Research title: Influences of grassland restoration and weather patterns on avian species within the coastal prairie ecoregion

Natasia Mitchell, MS, Research title: Assessment of golden eagles in the southern great plains and trans pecos regions

Aldo Sales, PhD, Research title: Seedling Development On Forage Grasses According To Seral Stage

Sasha Soto, MS, Research title: The consideration of biotype and other sub‐species organization to improve invasive species management

Fall 2016

Katie Guntly, MS, Research title: Black bear (Ursus americanus) movements, diet, and impacts on ungulate neonate survival on the National Rifle Association Whitington Center, New Mexico

Greg Pavur, MS, Research title: Status of mesocarnivores in an area occupied by a declining population of swift foxes, Vulpes velox, in northwestern Texas

Nicole Quintana, PhD, Research title: Predator-prey relationships between Rocky Mountain elk and black bears in Northern New Mexico

Daniel Raleigh, MS, Research title: Assessing Sandhill Crane overwintering resource use in western Texas using GIS and remote sensing

Allie Webb, MS, Research title: Bouteloua gracilis Competition with Salsola iberica in Shortgrass Prairie Rangelands

Wondu Whibesilassie, PhD, Research title: African Civets in Ethiopia: - Husbandry, Practice, Peoples' Perception and Knowledge, and Damage Analysis

Summer 2016

Hannah Ashbaugh, MS, Research title: Environmental Availability and Potential Influences of Heavy Metals on Snowy Plovers in the Southern Great Plains of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma

Alix Godar, MS, Research title: Influence of Climate Change and Land Use on Lesser Prairie-Chicken Population Persistence in Sand Sagebrush and Short Grass Prairies

Cody Griffin, MS, Research title: Influence of Climate Change and Land Use on Lesser Prairie-Chicken Population Persistence in the Sand Shinnery Oak and Mixed-Grass Prairies

Erin Stukenholtz (Bohlender), MS, Research title: Hormone Concentrations, Vaginal Cytology And Diet: Variations During Reproduction In Seba's Short-Tailed Fruit Bat

Wade Massure, MS, Research title: Influence of Drought and Anthropogenic Flow Alterations on the Growth of Stream Fishes on the Edwards Plateau, Central Texas

John McLaughlin, MS, Research title: Effects of Broadcast Feeding at Multiple Rates on the Over-Winter and Annual Survival Rates of Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Kamal Humagain, PhD, Research title: Ecological Variation Among Vegetation Cover Types And Forest Stand Dynamics In The South-West Jemez Mountains, New Mexico

Spring 2016

Lisa Clark, MS, Research title: Waterfowl Use Assessment

Emily Conant, MS, Research title: Assessing pronghorn translocation success in New Mexico

Courtenay Conring, MS, Research title: Assessing the overwinter ecology of sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) in the Lower Colorado River Valley

Joseph Drake, MS, Research title: Evaluating landscape connectivity of desert waters for various wildlife species using network analysis

Morgan Gilbert, MS, Research title: Use of river-reservoir interface habitats by larval and juvenile fishes: Influence of lateral connectivity and multi-scale environmental conditions

Masi Mejia, MS, Research title: Minorities and their views on the Environment

Krista Mougey, PhD, Research title: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation of the West Indian Stout Rock Iguana (Cyclura pinguis)

Fall 2015

Trevor Gicklhorn, MS, Research title: Assessing Wildlife Use of Artificial Water Sources in West Texas

Laurie Groen, MS, Research title: Swainson's Hawks

Yeong-Seok Jo, PhD, Research title: Conservation of Northeast Asian Mammals

Matthew McEwen, MS, Research title: Plant Succession on a Shortgrass Plains Ecosystem over a 17-year Period

Kristin Stacy, MS NT, Research title: Salamanders in the Lubbock water supply

Mark Thomas, MS, Research title: Survival and Movement of Parent-Reared Northern Bobwhite Quail in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Summer 2015

Jordan Calvert, MS, Research title: Factors influencing the frequency of visits to wildlife waters in the Sonoran Desert

Nicholas Goforth, MS, Research title: Effects of Wildfires on Activity Levels of Forest-Dwelling Bats on the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico

Katherine Leuenberger, MS, Research title: Urban birds compared to vegetation and house prices

Caleb Roberts, MS, Research title: The Responses of Elk and Vegetation to Forest Restoration in the Jemez Mountains

Kristina Young, MS, Research title: Human dimensions/uses of playas in urban areas and drought implications

Spring 2015

Kyle Brunson, MS

Nate Duncan, MS, Research title: Pronghorn population dynamics and habitat connectivity

Jessica East, MS, Research title: Aquatic foodweb structure along multi-scale environmental gradients in the Pecos River

Anthony Giordano, PhD, Research title: Status and population structure of jaguars (Panthera onca) in the Northern Paraguayan Chaco

Colleen Martin, MS, Research title: The effectiveness of curtailment on bat mortality and an assessment of bat and avian fatalities at Sheffield Wind Farm, Vermont

Anna Meyer, MS, Research title: The effects of disturbance ecology and land management on the Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)

Grant Sorensen, PhD, Research title: Population Dynamics of Adult-Female Mule Deer in North-Central New Mexico

Fall 2014

Matt Bukin, MS NT

Qingman Chen, MS

Ryan DeVore, MS

Rachel Granberg, MS

Kristen Linner, MS

Jon McRoberts, PhD

Luis Tirado, MS NT