Texas Tech University


Texas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit

The Texas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (TCFWRU) was established at Texas Tech University by the U.S. Congress in 1988 and was first staffed in 1989. TCFWRU is part of the National Cooperative Research Units Program that resides within the U.S. Geological Survey, and its mission is to conduct and facilitate research and education activities related to natural resource management and conservation.

Wildlife and Fisheries Management Institute

The Wildlife and Fisheries Management Institute was formed in 1989 to coordinate the activities of several Texas Tech University departments, federal agencies, and private industries working together on wildlife and fisheries research projects. These groups jointly seek and contribute money to fund a variety of research projects.

Fire Ecology Center

The FEC is located in the Department of Natural Resources Management, and is directly supervised by the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The mission of the center is to promote effective fire use, fire research, and fire safety to the community. Dr. Robin Verble-Pearson is the Fire Ecology Center's Director.

High Plains Grazing Lands Research Center

To provide science-based information on grazing lands in semi-arid regions to enhance grazing land industries, to protect natural resources including water, soil, and air, and to integrate grazing lands with crop lands to diversify agriculture, minimize risk, and provide income to support regional economies and agricultural productivity.