Texas Tech University

Moise Cerf Memorial Endowment

The Moise Cerf Memorial Endowment was established with the Texas Tech University Foundation in 1992 to support graduate students in the Department of Range and Wildlife Management and their research activities. The Department name has changed over the years and is currently the Department of Natural Resources Management.

The stated purpose of the endowment is ---"to support the study, control and eradication of mesquite, cedar and noxious weeds found in Pecos County, Texas, by providing graduate student support and research funds to the College of Agricultural Sciences at Texas Tech University". The donors were Edwin C. Jolesch and Ann G. Jolesch of Dallas, Texas. Their intention was to honor the accomplishments of Moise Cerf, a long time rancher in Pecos and Culberson Counties of Texas who was the uncle of Edwin C. Jolesch.

Mr. and Mrs. Jolesch have three children. Bruce Jolesch lives in Dallas, Texas; Mark Jolesch resides in Clive, Iowa; and Elliot Jolesch and his wife Cathy live in New London, Ohio.

The first contribution was in the amount of $35,000. Subsequent donations and growth of the contributed principal over the years has created an endowment balance of just over $300,000 as of May 2008.

Criteria for award of the fellowship supported by this endowment are that the graduate student shall show promise of the capability to excel in the performance of research as defined in the purpose statement of the endowment. This fellowship endowment is particularly unique in that it not only provides funds for the fellowship but also provides funds to support the research activities related to the student's thesis or dissertation.