Texas Tech University

Lubbock Chapter of Safari Club International Endowed Fellowship

Established in 2006, the Lubbock Chapter of Safari Club International Graduate Fellowship Endowment is to benefit graduate students in the Department of Natural Resources Management. The initial donation came in two segments, one $5,000 amount was to be donated by February 1, 2006 and a second $5,000 donation was to be received by February 1, 2008. The donor's representative at the time of establishment was Dr. Ralph Menard, a Lubbock physician and treasurer of the Chapter.

Safari Club International is a charitable organization dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and youth services. Every member is a conservationist on many levels. Their membership dollars support SCI's global activities, local functions support their local chapter projects, and finally they support federal and local game and fish agencies in a variety of ways.

The Lubbock Chapter raised the funds for this fellowship endowment through their annual banquet and auction activities. The event usually is attended by more than 300 members and guests. At the 3rd Annual Banquet a Lifetime Achievement Award was given to renowned cardiovascular surgeon and avid sportsman, Dr. Donald Bricker. Dr. Bricker and his wife Sammie have made a significant personal contribution to the Department of Natural Resources Management at Texas Tech University by establishing the Bricker Endowed Chair in Wildlife Management.

The first award of the fellowship will be for the 2009-2010 school year. Earnings from the endowment have accumulated sufficiently to support an award of $500 for the first time. The number and amount awarded in the future will vary annually as the endowment principal builds in future years.