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University Recognized Centers and Institutes

The intent of a university recognized research center/institute as an approved organizational unit of the university is to facilitate activities for faculty, staff, and students in the pursuit of excellence and achievement in research, scholarship, and creative activity. University recognized research centers and institutes provide stimulating and organized opportunities to enhance research particularly of an interdisciplinary nature as well as instruction and engagement/outreach beyond what is possible from traditional academic units. Each university recognized research center/institute should conform to university policies as well as to state regulations and statutes.

General guidelines for determining whether a unit should be titled an institute or a center are as follows:

  • A research center is composed of faculty and potential staff and students who declare a shared technical interest and pursue shared research, instruction and/or engagement/outreach that involve common activities.
  • A research institute is broader and more complex than a research center and may be a collection of centers.

Formal proposals for establishing a university recognized research center/institute should be initiated through the Office of the Vice President for Research according to guidelines established in OP 74.14. A strategic plan for the proposed research center/institute must be clearly aligned with a college or university strategic plan.

Centers/institutes operating solely within an academic department or college may be established by the respective dean. See a comprehensive list of centers and institutes at


Intellectual Property Rights

Statement of Basic Philosophy and Objectives

It is the policy of the university to encourage scholarly activity without regard to potential gains from royalties and other forms of income. It is recognized that research and scholarship will result in intellectual property, inventions, and discoveries that can be protected and may have commercial value. These can include, but are not limited to, biological materials, plants, products, computer software, electrical devices, medical treatments, curricula, and processes. In all cases, the affected individuals are subject to their individual obligations or Texas Tech University System (TTUS) obligations under grants, contracts, or research agreements with governmental agencies and sponsors to promptly disclose intellectual property created to the Office of Technology Commercialization. The Office of Technology Commercialization is responsible for pursuing intellectual property protection where deemed appropriate. All university policies will provide adequate recognition and incentives to researchers and will also serve the public interest.

This intellectual property policy, as adopted, shall apply prospectively to all persons employed by the component faculties of TTUS, to all students of TTUS, and to anyone using TTUS facilities or under the supervision of TTUS personnel. All employees, faculty member,s staff members, and students are expected to be aware of the TTUS policies regarding intellectual property and agree to accept and abide by them as a condition of employment or enrollment. The Intellectual Property Rights Policy appears in OP 74.04 and the Regents’ Rules Chapter 10.


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Research Advisory Council

The Research Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President for Research on research-related matters. Upon request of the vice president, the committee provides advice and input on such matters as university research policy, research goals, and improving the research climate.

The Research Advisory Council is composed of the Associate Vice Presidents for Research; the Associate Dean for Research from each college, the law school, and the libraries; and a representative from university-supported multidisciplinary centers and institutes. In addition, ex-officio members include the Dean of the Graduate School; the Executive Vice President for Research of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center; a representative of the Office of the Provost; a representative of the Faculty Senate; a representative of the Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting and Reporting; and senior members of the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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Office of Research Services

This office supports the university’s research mission by providing centralized administrative and management services for sponsored projects. Sponsored projects include grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements—from both public and private sectors—that support research, instructional, and engagement/service projects. The office assists with proposal submissions, reviews and negotiates grants and contracts, and assists with administration of projects.

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