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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 34.15: Grade Replacement Policy

DATE: August 11, 2017

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish procedures for replacement of a grade in a previous course with the grade in a subsequent course.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in March of odd-numbered years by the Senior Vice Provost with substantive revisions presented to the Provost and Senior Vice President by April 15.


1.  Replacing a Grade

a.    After a Texas Tech University course has been retaken at Texas Tech, a student may apply to the registrar for grade replacement.

b.    The grade replacement is for the purpose of providing an adjusted grade point average. The most recent passing grade will replace all previous grades in that course. The cumulative adjusted GPA will be posted on the bottom of the transcript. A notation will indicate the original course(s) that is being replaced. The original grade and original cumulative GPA will remain. The cumulative GPA (not the adjusted GPA) will be used for honors designation.

c.    An application may be obtained and initiated by the student in the Office of the Registrar after the current semester academic procedures have been completed. The four parts of the form are for the dean's office, the student's academic home department, the student, and the original for the registrar. Students may apply after the passing grade is received in the replacing course.

2.  Restrictions

a.    Students who attended Texas Tech prior to the fall 2004 term and who have not yet completed a degree may contact the registrar to inquire about grade replacement procedures.

b.    First-time freshmen and transfer students who entered Texas Tech in the fall of 2004 or thereafter will not be allowed to repeat a course in which he/she has earned a grade of C or above. When students repeat a course after having received a grade of D or F, they may repeat the course for credit only one time at the normal tuition rate. Students repeating a course more than once after having received a grade of D or F must pay an additional fee.

c.    A student placed on academic suspension or probation at the end of the semester will not be removed from suspension or probation on the basis of grade replacements that can be or are made after the semester grades are reported. However, a suspended student who attains an adjusted GPA of 2.0 or higher after official grades have been submitted and academic status has been determined may be allowed to attend Texas Tech upon appeal to the academic dean.

d.    Courses taken at other institutions may not replace Texas Tech University course grades.

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