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  01 Chancellor     52 Information Technology     69 Payroll and Tax Services
  02 Development     60 Environmental Health and Safety     70 Human Resources
  04 Audit Services     61 Facilities Management     72 Purchasing, Contracting, and Payables
  10 President   62 Financial and Accounting   74 Research
  30 Academic and Student Affairs - General     63 General Services     76 Security
  32 Academic Policies - Faculty     64 Graduate Programs (Faculty and Students)     77 Student Services and Registrar
  34 Academic Policies - Students   65 Research Accounting    78 Traffic and Parking 
  36 Academic Programs     66 Libraries     79 Travel
  40 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action     67 Mail Services     80 Vehicles
  48 Communication Services     68 Communications and Marketing    

TTU and TTUHSC  Administration

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01.01 Preparation of Agenda for Board of Regents' Meeting
01.02 Land Development
01.04 Custodian of Public Records
01.06 Use of Texas Tech University Name or Logo for Private Business Purposes
01.08 Organization of Texas Tech University

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02.01 Office of Institutional Advancement Relationships and Responsibilities
02.02 Solicitation of Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources
02.03 Acceptance of Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources
02.04 Processing, Management, and Publicity of Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources
02.05 Confidentiality of Information on the BSR/ADVANCE System
02.06 Reporting Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources
02.07 Disclosure of Conditional Gifts from Foreign Persons
02.08 Operation and Maintenance of Endowment Funds
02.09 Gifts of Securities

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04.01 Operation of the Office of Audit Services
04.02 Audits and Reviews by External Auditors

Texas Tech University Administration

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10.01 Operating Policy and Procedure Manual for Texas Tech University
10.02 Delegation of Authority by the President
10.03 Suspending Classes and Closing Offices in Severe Weather or Energy Curtailment Emergency Situations
10.04 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act
10.05 Intercollegiate Athletics
10.06 Projectiles in Athletic Facilities
10.07 Emeritus Appointments
10.08 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504)
10.09 Sexual Harassment (discontinued 7/8/15)
10.10 Records Retention
10.11 Ethics Policy
10.12 Sexual Orientation Non-discrimination Policy (changed to OP 40.04)
10.13 Strategic Planning and Assessment for Texas Tech University, Including All Academic Programs and Support Operations
10.14 Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing
10.15 President's Excellence in Diversity and Equity Award
10.16 President's Excellence in Academic Advising Award
10.17 International Affairs Council
10.18 Proxy Authorization
10.19 Sexual Abuse/Child Molestation Awareness Training and Certification for Texas Tech Sponsored Campus Programs for Minors
10.20 Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy
10.21 Healthcare Compliance and Hybrid Entity Designation
10.22 Concealed Carry of Handguns on Campus

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30.01 KTXT-FM Radio
30.02 Centralized Scholarship Office
30.03 Museum of Texas Tech University
30.04 Texas Tech University Councils
30.05 Office of the Provost Non-credit Activities
30.06 KTTZ-Television
30.07 KTTZ-FM
30.08 Honorary Degrees
30.09 Academic Freedom and Artistic Expression
30.11 The Texas Tech University Center at Junction
30.12 Publication and Online Posting of Official Publications and Academic Calendar
30.13 Visiting Speakers
30.14 Playing Electronic Music from University Bell Towers
30.15 Academic Administrator Evaluation
30.16 Commencement
30.18 The Adoption and Sale of Textbooks and Related Materials
30.19 Texas Tech University Press
30.21 Ringing Bells on Campus
30.22 Guidelines for the Educational Use of Copyrighted Works
30.23 Institutional Surveys and Official Reports
30.25 Housing and Dining for Students
30.26 Social Fraternities and Sororities
30.27 Student Media
30.28 Appointment of Designated School Officials for the F-1 Student Immigration Program (discontinued 8/7/15)

30.29 Approval of and Changes to Incidental Fees


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32.01 Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures
32.02 Faculty Non-reappointment, Dismissal, and Tenure Revocation
32.03 Academic Deans, Associate or Assistant Deans, and Department Chairpersons
32.04 Conduct of University Faculty
32.05 Faculty Grievance Procedures
32.06 Faculty Responsibility
32.07 Other Employment, Faculty Consulting, and Public Offices
32.08 Faculty Salary Increases
32.09 Selection of Paul Whitfield Horn Professorships
32.10 Additional Compensation for Faculty/Staff through the Office of the Provost
32.11 Faculty Sick Leave
32.12 Faculty Absence for Observance of Religious Holy Day
32.13 The Chancellor's Council Distinguished Teaching Award
32.14 Exit Interviews of Departing Faculty
32.15 Faculty Leave of Absence
32.16 Faculty Recruitment Procedure
32.17 Faculty Appointments and Titles
32.18 Academic Workload Calculation
32.19 Non-native English Speaking Faculty and Teaching Assistants
32.20 Annual Renewal of Certain Faculty Employment Contracts
32.21 The Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Award
32.22 Selection of Endowed Chairs and Professorships
32.23 Concurrent Teaching Employment
32.24 Faculty Awards
32.25 Tutoring for Payment
32.26 Faculty Departure Notification Procedure
32.27 Review of Vitae of Prospective Faculty
32.28 Faculty Applicants Not Holding Doctoral Degrees in Departments/Areas Requiring the Doctorate
32.29 Faculty Development Leaves
32.30 Voluntary Retirement of Faculty Members with Option for Part-time Teaching
32.31 Comprehensive Performance Evaluations of Tenured Faculty Members and Faculty Members Who Receive an Academic Promotion
32.32 Performance Evaluations of Faculty
32.33 Faculty, Staff, and Student Conflict of Interest
32.34 Approval of Faculty in Non Tenure-acquiring Ranks
32.36 Certification of Faculty Qualifications
32.37 Fifth-Year Review of Deans

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34.01 Undergraduate Admissions
34.02 Pass-Fail Option
34.03 Student Grade Appeal
34.04 Academic Regulations Concerning Student Performance
34.05 Student Withdrawal from Classes
34.06 Sponsorship of Student Activities and Off-Campus Trips
34.07 Undergraduate Academic Status
34.08 Undergraduate Credit by Examination
34.09 Degree Requirements
34.10 Final Examinations
34.11 Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
34.12 Grading Procedures
34.13 Grades for Military Personnel Ordered to Active Duty
34.15 Grade Replacement Policy
34.16 Visitors in Regularly Scheduled Classes
34.17 Unscheduled Class Activity
34.18 Individual Study for Off-campus Courses
34.19 Student Absence for Observance of Religious Holy Day
34.20 Study Abroad Programs
34.21 Enrollment at Institutions other than Texas Tech during Disciplinary Suspension
34.22 Establishing Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
34.24 Requirement of Health, Evacuation, and Repatriation Insurance for Certain Non-immigrant Students
34.25 Criminal Background Checks of Students
34.26 Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs
34.27 TTU International Centers
34.28 International Agreements for Students, Faculty, and Researchers

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36.01 Adding, Changing, and Deleting Courses and Changing Method of Delivery
36.02 Formula-eligible Professional Education Programs
36.04 New Academic Programs, Course Approval for New Programs, Program Termination, and Changes in Delivery Format
36.05 Shortened Format Courses
36.06 Self-Supporting and In-State Off-Campus Credit Courses
36.07 Authorization for Small Classes

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40.01 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Affirmative Action Program
40.02 Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure for Violations of Employment and Other Laws
40.03 Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct, and Title IX Policy and  Complaint Procedure
40.04 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Non-discrimination Policy
(discontinued 12/4/15; policies moved to OP40.02 and 40.03)

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48.02 Legacy Telephones, Equipment, and Services
48.04 Cellular Telephones and Data Devices
48.05 Employee Allowance for Electronic Communication Resources

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52.01 Information Technology (IT) Operations
52.02 Infringement of Copyrights in Information Technology (IT)
52.03 Obtaining Telecommunications Services
52.04 Information Technology (IT) Security
52.05 Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility
52.06 Project Management Practices
52.07 Website Operations

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60.01 University Health and Safety Program
60.02 Hazard Communication Act
60.03 Hazardous Material Spills
60.04 Use of Laboratory Hoods, Biological Safety Cabinets, and Special Local Exhaust Ventilation
60.05 Respiratory Protection Program
60.06 Lockout/Tagout Program
60.07 Storm Water Compliance Program
60.08 Asbestos Compliance and Abatement Program
60.09 Hearing Conservation Program
60.10 Use and Disposal of Sharp Objects
60.11 Procurement, Usage, and Disposal of Radioactive Materials, Radiation Producing Devices, and Lasers
60.12 Ladder Safety Program
60.13 Hazardous Materials Shipping

60.14 Wind Turbine Safety
60.15 Smoke-free and Tobacco-free Environment
60.16 Confined Space Entry Program
60.17 Chemical Hygiene Plan
60.18 Temporary Food Service Permit System
60.19 Fork Lift Safety Program
60.20 Handling and Storing Explosives
60.21 Cranes and Hoists
60.22 Material Handling Devices
60.23 Compressed Gas Handling, Storage, and Transportation
60.24 Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Program
60.25 Procurement of Interlocks and Other Safety Related Requirements for the Use of Lasers and/or X-ray Producing Devices
60.26 Tower Climbing
60.27 Scissor Lift Work Platform Program
60.28 Food Handling Program
60.29 Departmental Safety Officer Supplemental Compensation

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61.01 Use of University Facilities, Equipment, Vehicles, Supplies, and Services for Private Purposes Prohibited
61.02 Use of University Grounds, Facilities, and Amplification Equipment
61.03 Posting Notices on University Property
61.04 Painting University Buildings
61.05 Replacement of Moveable Furniture
61.06 Teaching Space Renovation or Usage Changes
61.07 Access to Building Equipment Rooms and Tunnels

61.08 General and Emergency Procedures for Elevators
61.09 Departmental Work Coordinators
61.10 Space Allocation Committee
61.11 Underground Trenching of Utilities
61.12 Installation of Cabling in Buildings and Tunnels
61.13 Reporting Minor Construction and Renovation Data by Texas Tech University
61.14 Electronic or Keyless Locking Systems
61.15 Control and Issue of Keys to University Buildings
61.17 Texas Tech University Feral Cat Colony
61.18 Traffic and Parking Control Devices
61.19 Freestanding Exterior Signs
61.20 Interior Signs on Buildings and Facilities
61.21 Room Numbering Standards
61.22 Exterior Signs on Buildings and Facilities
61.23 Use of University Classrooms and Academic Facilities
61.24 Facilities Allocation Council
61.25 Financial Administration of Construction Projects
61.26 United Spirit Arena Marquee
61.28 Construction Projects Costing Less than $1 Million and Renovation Projects Costing Less than $2 Million
61.29 Furniture, Floor Covering, Wall Covering, Window Treatment, and other Interior Design Services
61.32 Donated and Used Furnishings and Interior Finish Materials - Design and Code Review
61.35 Requesting Approval for Building and Tunnel Self-help Projects
61.36 Capital Improvement Program
61.37 Access to University Building Roofs
61.38 Animals in Texas Tech Buildings
61.39 Use of the International Cultural Center
61.40 Advertising Methods for Construction Services Contracts

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62.01 Extension of State Credit
62.02 Notary Appointments
62.03 Financial Manager Designation and Signature Authority
62.04 The Collection and Handling of Returned Checks
62.05 Authorized Petty Cash/Change Funds
62.06 Payment Card Processing by University Departments
62.07 Departmental Deposits and Completion of the Departmental Information Sheet (DDIS)
62.08 Alteration of Checks
62.09 Use of TTU Services by Agency Organizations
62.10 Prohibition of Gift of Public Moneys
62.11 Payments to Nonresident Aliens (renumbered 69.11 2/29/16)
62.13 Student Tuition and Fee Payment Options, Exemptions and Waivers, and Cancellation for Non-payment of Tuition and Fees
62.14 Red Flag Rules
62.15 Sales of Goods and Services by Auxiliary Enterprises and Education-related Business Activities
62.16 Annual Financial Report and Year-End Processes
62.17 Payment of Scholarships, Fellowship Grants, and Awards
62.18 The Endorsement of Checks to Texas Tech University
62.20 Fixed Tuition Price Plan
62.21 University Employees Indebted to the State of Texas
62.22 Publication of Professional Journals Using Agency Funds

62.23 Academic Service Centers
62.24 Use of the University's Accounting System by Student and Other Organizations
62.25 Payments to Research Participants
62.26 Charging Departments for Goods and/or Services
62.27 Interdepartmental Transfers of Costs
62.29 Guidelines for the Development of Revenue Budgets
62.30 Sales Tax Collection
62.31 Debt Collection
62.32 Budget Adjustments to the Annual Operating Budget
62.35 Utilities Charges
62.36 Financial Administration of TTU Office of the Provost Activities
62.37 Establishing Employee/Independent Contractor Status
62.38 Corporate Credit Cards
62.39 Deficit Policy for Texas Tech University
62.40 Graduate Tuition and Fee Waivers


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63.01 Storage Facilities
63.03 Central Receiving and Shipping
63.04 Delivery Services
63.05 Central Warehouse - Stores
63.06 Solid Waste Disposal by University Personnel and On-campus Trash Pickup
63.07 Disposal of Surplus, Obsolete, or Uneconomically Repairable Inventory
63.08 Property Management


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64.01 Admission to the Graduate School
64.02 Graduate Enrollment Policy
64.03 Graduate Students Employed as Teaching Assistants and Graduate Part-time Instructors
64.04 Academic Probation and Suspension of Graduate Students
64.06 Graduate Tuition Surcharge
64.07 Graduate Student Appeals
64.08 Fellowships and Traineeships
64.09 Graduate Council
64.10 Graduate Faculty
64.11 Insurance Coverage of Graduate Student Employees


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65.01 Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery
65.02 Effort Commitment and Certification
65.03 Program Income
65.04 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects and Cost Share Funds
65.05 Subrecipient Monitoring
65.06 Conditions of Grants and Consulting Contracts Made Directly to Individuals
65.07 Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects
65.08 Direct Charging to Sponsored Projects and Cost Share Funds
65.09 Budgeting Sponsored Projects
65.10 Budgeting Sponsored Projects Prior to Receipt of Award

65.11 Fixed Price Agreements
65.13 Financial Reporting and Award Closeout for Sponsored Projects
65.14 Federal Equipment
65.15 Accounts Receivables on Sponsored Projects

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66.01 Texas Tech University Libraries
66.02 Branch Libraries
66.03 Law School Library

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67.01 Campus Mail Services

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68.01 Communications and New Media Policy and Procedures
68.03 Visual Identity Guidelines

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69.01 Distribution of Payroll Checks
69.02 Reporting Withholding Taxes on Employee Awards and Prizes
69.03 Replacement of Payroll Checks
69.04 Payroll Deduction for Membership Fees
69.05 Payroll Deduction Designated to Texas Tech for Charitable Contributions
69.06 Payroll Deduction for Texas Tech On-Campus Parking
69.07 Payroll Deduction Designated to Texas Tech for Recreational Sports Fee
69.08 Payroll Deduction Designated to Texas Tech for the Rawls Course Membership Fee
69.09 Tip and Gratuity Payments Received by Texas Tech Employees

69.10 Payroll Overpayment Policy
69.11 Payments to Nonresident Aliens


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70.01 Miscellaneous Leaves of Absence
70.02 Retirement
70.03 Staff Recruitment
70.04 Military Emergency Leave
70.05 Eligibility for Insurance and Other Benefits
70.06 Employee Working Hours
70.07 Optional Retirement Program
70.08 Nepotism
70.09 Tax Deferred Account Program
70.10 Non-faculty Employee Complaint Procedures

70.11 Appointment of Staff Employees
70.12 Performance Management
70.13 Workers' Compensation Insurance
70.14 Salary Administration Policy
70.15 Multiple and Other Employment
70.16 Compensation in Excess of Base Salary
70.17 Overtime
70.18 Educational Incentive Pay
70.19 Employee Exit Procedures
70.20 Employment in Security-sensitive Positions
70.21 Volunteer Workers
70.22 Employee Deaths
70.23 Reduction in Force Policy
70.24 Communicable and Transmittable Disease Control in the Employee Workforce
70.25 Longevity and Hazardous Duty Pay
70.26 Length of Service Awards
70.27 Employment of Student Employees
70.28 Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedure for Violations of Employment and Other Laws (changed to OP 40.02)
70.29 Employee Tuition Assistance Program
70.30 Distinguished Staff Awards for Non-faculty Employees
70.31 Employee Conduct, Discipline, and Terminations

70.32 Family and Medical Leave and Parental Leave
70.33 Employee Assistance Program
70.34 Service Excellence Leave Award
70.35 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Safety- and Security-sensitive Positions
70.36 Employment of Persons in Temporary Worker (H-1B) Immigration Status
70.38 Employment-based Permanent Residency Petitions
70.39 Early Return-to-Work, Alternate, and Light Duty Assignments
70.40 Information Privacy and Confidentiality Statements
70.41 Employee Training and Development
70.42 Holidays
70.43 Leave without Pay
70.44 Sick Leave and Sick Leave Pool
70.45 Vacation Leave
70.46 Break Time for Nursing Mothers

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72.01 Equipment Purchases Requiring Building and/or Building System Modification
72.02 Contracting Procedures
72.03 Conflicts of Interest Relating to Purchasing, Payments, and Contracts
72.04 Contract Administration
72.05 Expenditures for Official Functions, Business Meetings, and Entertainment
72.06 Direct Pay Expenditures
72.07 Leasing Land, Space, and Facilities
72.08 Use of Consultant Services
72.09 Procurement of Goods and Services
72.10 Payments for Employee Moving Expenses
72.11 Payment of Purchase Orders
72.12 Historically Underutilized Businesses
72.13 Reimbursement of Business Expenditures to Faculty, Staff, and Students
72.14 Geophysical Surveys
72.15 Purchasing/Leasing Motor Vehicles
72.16 Memberships
72.17 Procurement of Independent Contractors
72.18 Lease Purchase of Equipment and Other Commodities
72.19 Malfunction of Concession Machines
72.20 Professional Services
72.23 Licensing and Use of TTU Registered Names, Logos, and Trademarks
72.24 Auxiliary Enterprise Contractors

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74.01 Office of Research Services
74.02 Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity
74.03 Collecting Objects on State or Federal Land
74.04 Intellectual Property Rights
74.05 Institutional Biosafety Committee
74.06 Disposition of Patent and Copyright Royalty Income
74.07 Identification Cards for Visiting Scholars
74.08 Allegations of Misconduct in Research, Scholarly, or Creative Activity
74.09 Protection of Human Subjects in Research
74.10 Export Control
74.11 Animal Care and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
74.12 Investigator Financial Disclosure Committee
74.13 TTU Safety Committees
74.14 University-Recognized Centers and Institutes

74.15 TTU Policy on Prostitution and Sex Trafficking
74.16 Institutional Base Salary
74.17 Disclosure of Significant Business or Financial Interests that may Represent Conflicts of Interest
74.18 Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee

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76.01 Emergency Management Plans
76.02 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act
76.03 Texas Tech Police
76.04 Flying Flags
76.05 Hunting on Tech Tech Property
76.06 Bomb Threat Procedures
76.07 Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems on Texas Tech Property
76.08 Employee Training and Procedures for Handling Armed Robbery Incidents
76.09 Abandoned Personal Property
76.10 Violence and Workplace Threats
76.12 Severe Weather Warning and Alert Systems

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77.01 Diploma Reorder
77.03 Reporting Student Deaths

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78.01 Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations
78.02 Purchasing Parking Space for Employees
78.03 Employee Parking Space Management
78.04 Contractor Parking
78.05 Parking for Departments Housed at Off-campus Sites
78.06 Management of Visitor Park and Pay Spaces
78.07 Tower Icing

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79.01 Travel Authority and Definitions for Texas Tech University and TTU Employees
79.02 Texas State Travel Management Program
79.03 Use of the State Travel Card
79.04 Application for Official Travel
79.05 International Travel
79.06 Transportation Requests
79.07 Travel Advances
79.08 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses
79.10 Travel by Prospective Employees
79.12 Official Travel of the President
79.13 University-related Travel by Motor Vehicle, Commercial Carrier, and Aircraft
79.14 Aircraft Piloted by Texas Tech University Personnel on Official Business

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80.01 Painting University Vehicles and Equipment
80.02 Vehicle Rental Office - Checkout Procedure
80.03 Out-of-Country Use of University Vehicles
80.04 Disposal of Motor Vehicles as Surplus Property
80.05 Refueling Procedure for University-owned Vehicles
80.06 Leased or Loaned Vehicles and Car Allowances
80.07 Vehicle Fleet Management Program
80.08 Collisions Involving University Vehicles