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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 60.19: Forklift Safety Program

DATE: May 25, 2017

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Forklift Safety Program is twofold: to identify all the forklifts being operated on the campus, and to train each employee required to operate a forklift. The training will cover the safe operation and inspection of the forklift. The Forklift Safety Program will be administered by Environmental Health and Safety in accordance with OSHA standards.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in September of every fourth year by the Managing Director of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) with recommended revisions forwarded through the Associate Vice President for Research to the Vice President for Research. This OP will be reviewed again in 2021.


1.  Responsibilities

a.    Department heads, directors, and administrators will:

(1)    Ensure that all provisions of the Forklift Safety Program, as it pertains to each area, are followed;

(2)    Provide funds to perform regular scheduled maintenance on their forklifts; and

(3)    Retain a copy of the employee's forklift "Certificate of Completion of Training" in the employee's personnel file.

b.    Supervisors will:

(1)    Ensure that employees operate forklifts safely;

(2)    Ensure that employees are scheduled for initial training and remedial training as needed;

(3)    Ensure that employees are competent to operate a powered industrial truck, as demonstrated by successful completion of a training program;

(4)    Report all near misses and accidents to EH&S so additional training can be administered;

(5)    Ensure that employees operate only forklifts on which they have been trained;

(6)    Ensure that employees are scheduled for refresher training on a three-year cycle; and

(7)    Ensure that new employees or reassigned employees get lift truck training before operating equipment.

c.    Employees will:

(1)    Inspect forklifts daily before use;

(2)    Report any deficiencies found during daily inspections to their supervisor;

(3)    Not operate a forklift that is in need of repairs;

(4)    Not operate a forklift on which they have not been trained;

(5)    Operate forklifts safely to prevent injury or damage; and

(6)    Report any unsafe acts they may observe to their supervisor.

d.    Environmental Health and Safety will:

(1)    Train all employees required to operate a forklift;

(2)    Maintain a record of all employees trained and on which lifts they are trained;

(3)    Perform refresher training on a three-year cycle;

(4)    Determine the extent of the refresher training to prevent duplication of training to operators; and

(5)    Investigate all accidents/incidents and recommend corrective actions to ensure safety of employees operating this equipment.

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