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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 61.05: Replacement of Moveable Furniture

DATE: February 29, 2012

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to provide a means to replace and dispose of irreparable and obsolete moveable classroom furniture used in Texas Tech University (TTU) academic facilities. It is applicable to all agencies, departments, and colleges within TTU.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in November of odd-numbered years by the Director of Academic Support and Facilities Resources (ASFR) with recommended revisions forwarded through the Senior Vice Provost to the Provost and Senior Vice President.


1.  Background

The moveable classroom furniture used at TTU has, by its nature, a limited useful life. This procedure is provided for the accountable disposal of worn out or obsolete moveable furniture and the procurement of replacement moveable furniture.

2.  Definitions

a.    Moveable Furniture

Those items of classroom furniture not permanently affixed to the structure of the building in which the items are located. This includes chairs, desks, tables, and other items of furniture required to support teaching activities.

b.    Department

The department occupying the facility in which an item of moveable furniture is located.

3.  Responsibility

a.    Each department is responsible for the security and informal accountability for the moveable furniture located within its assigned facility or area. It is the department's responsibility to report moveable furniture shortage or excess to ASFR for correction or relocation of existing assets.

b.    ASFR is responsible for ensuring that moveable furniture is available in the TTU classrooms and laboratories in sufficient quantity for conducting class in accordance with reasonable room capacities. ASFR is also responsible for establishing replacement priorities for obsolete or unserviceable moveable furniture as it is identified.

c.    ASFR is responsible for administering contracts to purchase moveable furniture in response to furniture shortages reported by departments, based on the priorities and needs established by ASFR or by the Classroom Ranking Score, as compiled by the offices of ASFR and the Operations Division Space Planning and Administration. ASFR will also ensure that departments are notified of established delivery dates.

d.    Building Maintenance and Construction (BMC) is responsible for the operation of a cyclic inspection procedure for facility conditions. This inspection will include inspecting moveable furniture and identifying items requiring repair or replacement. BMC is responsible for providing ASFR with a copy of their inspection.

e.    The Property Manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining procedures for the disposal of discarded moveable furniture.

f.    ASFR will contract with BMC or a university approved moving company to provide transportation support and labor to assist with moving and transporting moveable furniture.

4.  Procedures

a.    BMC will establish an inspection system using the periodic preventive maintenance inspection establishing a cyclic inspection of moveable furniture. This inspection will identify all items of moveable furniture that are unserviceable, irreparable, and/or obsolete.

b.    ASFR will analyze reported unserviceable, irreparable, and/or obsolete moveable furniture and establish a priority listing and schedule for replacement. In establishing the priority listing, all factors including the age of the facility, plans for future destruction or renovation of the facility, anticipated class sizes, special requirements for the department, and any other factor that may affect the priority selections will be considered. The priority listing will be presented to those departments affected to ensure understanding of moveable furniture replacement plans and to gain input for specialized needs or requests for specific moveable furniture requirements.

c.    ASFR will establish customer requests for the approved moveable furniture requirements.

d.    ASFR will identify moveable furniture of an acceptable style and type to meet the specifications and quantities necessary for conducting class and will establish valid requests to appropriate manufacturers for bids. All moveable furniture will be ordered for delivery and installation in the required location. Removal of existing furniture may be included in the purchase contract as specified when actual requests have been contracted and an expected delivery date has been established.

e.    The Property Manager will coordinate and establish the most appropriate disposal method for the moveable furniture being replaced in accordance with OP 63.08.

f.    Arrangements need to be made with the Central Warehouse manager to verify receiving information on the product.

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