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Wordscape: Interactive Exhibit

January 25, 2016:

The Humanities Center launched its interactive exhibit Wordscapes, which was part of the Humanities Center's theme for 2015-2016, Synoptics: Epistemologies of the Observer. The opening of the exhibit was held in the Southwest Collection, where the kiosk remained until February 8. On February 8th the kiosk moved to the lobby of the Library and on March 21st it traveled to the Student Union Building. On February 12th, a paper version of the "see the picture/choose the caption" show opened at the TTU Museum.

The exhibit existed electronically on a kiosk and had a user-friendly program that allowed people to select from three captions, the one they think belongs best with an individual image. The captions all fit, but they didn't all say the same thing, so what was right for one person was completely wrong for another. E.g., is a dog with its teeth bared a threat, protection, or in pain?

Wordscapes Data 

kioskSynoptics Wordscape Kiosk




provostDr. Lawrence Schovanec, Provost, explores the Synoptics Wordscape kiosk during the opening of the exhibit.




rice chanskyDr. Rich Rice, Associate Professor of English and Dr. Dorothy Chansky, Director of the Humanities Center, present the Synoptics Wordscape kiosk to the University.


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