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 To learn more about fellowships offered by the TTU Humanities Center, click on the links below:

Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Spring 2019
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Course Buyout Fellowship, Spring 2019
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Alumni College Fellowships
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Humanities Center Fellows

2017 FellowsBottom row, left to right: Ali Duffy (Theatre & Dance), Min-Joo Kim (English), and Lynn Whitfield (Southwest Collection); Second row, left to right: Sydnor Roy (CMLL), Dorothy Chansky (Director, Humanities Center), and Ryan Hackenbracht (English); Third row, left to right: Howard Curzer (Philosophy) and Emily Skidmore (History); Top row, left to right: Aaron Braver (English), Kristen Michelson (CMLL), and Julie Couch (English).
Not pictured: Matthew Hunter (English), Roger McNamara (English), John Poch (English), Lucas Wood (CMLL), Elissa Zellinger (English), Wyatt Phillips (English) and Visiting Fellow Yeonhaun Kang. Photograph by Neal Hinkle.

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