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2019-20 Theme: JUSTICE

It is easy to draw Americans into a conversation about "being human" when we focus on love, families, old age, grief, even poverty or educational opportunities. It is especially easy when we aim our support at those people we deem worthy of the label human. It is much more difficult to discuss, much less acknowledge, the humanity of people who have broken the law. Frequently, we fail to grant them the same human emotions and trouble that we, who are not incarcerated, experience. We live in a country of punitive vengeance more than a country of restorative healing and rehabilitation.

The Humanities Center's 2019-2020 themed events will be realized across several platforms, including a guest lecture series, a film series, a podcast series, the presence of the Visiting Scholar, and an anticipated interdisciplinary conference during the spring semester. JUSTICE may easily be the only bipartisan issue in the current decade; addressing it is one way that the TTU Humanities Center can build a bridge between the divided sides in this country, between those working in education and those who consider the academy an insular, troublesome enemy.

ALUMNI COLLEGE 2020 Call for Applications

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Justice Art Contest

JUSTICE Graduate Student Art Contest

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Justice Art Contest

Featured Scholar

 Nov 2019 Featured Scholar

Meet our November 2019 Humanities Featured Scholar Dr. Lisa Phillips. Please visit FEATURED SCHOLAR to learn more about this month's scholar.

Humanities Spotlight: Advisory Board Member Emily Skidmore receives 2019 Faculty Ally Award

Skidmore LGBTQIA

For more information about Skidmore's award, please visit Humanities Spotlight.

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Welcome to the Humanities Center at Texas Tech. The Center's raison d'être is to shift the narrative from any particular discipline or college to the positive and integral humanities "brand." The Center is an umbrella for humanities thinking. It is a neutral space outside departments and colleges. Please browse through our website to learn more about public events, funding opportunities, future plans, and our history.

The humanities are the natural history of culture, and our most private and precious heritage. —Edward O. Wilson


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NOVEMBER Happy Hour 2019 

Humanities winners at 2019 Faculty Honors Convocation

Keene Award

Humanities faculty received awards at the 2019 Faculty Honors Convocation in April. Pictured above are (left to right) TTU President Lawrence Schovanec and President's Excellence in Teaching Awardee Justin Keene (Media & Communication.) 

For more information about the Faculty Convocation award, please visit Humanities Spotlight.

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