Texas Tech University

Sociology Faculty

Dr. Cristina Bradatan

Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2004

Sociology Graduate Director, Spring 2017

Areas of Specialization:Migration, Human-environment interaction, Quantitative methods 

Current Research Interests: Climate change adaptation, Highly skilled migration, Abortion and religious values

Website: http://www.webpages.ttu.edu/crbradat

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Dr. Bradatan

Dr. Charlotte Dunham

Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1989

Director,Texas Tech Center for Women Studies

Areas of Specialization: Gender, Aging, Family

Current Research Interests: Gender and dementia care in families, Women in STEM in academe, Gender and Race among South African elders.

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Dunham

Dr. Nadia Y. Flores-Yeffal

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2005

Areas of Specialization: Demography, International Migration, Mexico-U.S. Bound Migration, Latina/o Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Social Networks.

Current Research Interests: International migration from El Salvador, migration networks, undocumented youth and education, hyperreality and migration from Latin America, media and undocumented immigration, and the impact of the environment on international and internal migration.

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Flores

Dr. Jerome Koch

Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Purdue University, 1994

Associate Chair, SASW Department

Areas of Specialization: Medical sociology, deviance, sociology of religion

Current Research Interests: College students and body modification; religion, mental health, and normative behavior


Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Koch

Dr. Carol Lindquist

Assistant Professor of Practice of Sociology
Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 2011

Sociology Undergraduate Director

Areas of Specialization: Sociologies of Food, Gender, Families and Work, Consumption; Social Psychology; Qualitative and Visual Methods

Current Research Interests: Medicalization of food; power dynamics in close relationships; social/sexual harassment; cultural appropriation and colonization.

Curriculum Vitae

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Carol Lindquist

Dr. Patricia Maloney

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Yale University, 2012

Areas of Specialization: Education, Qualitative methodology, Social Theory

Current Research Interests:Teachers cheating, Teach For America, Charter Schools

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Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Patricia Maloney

Dr. Adrian Popan

Instructor, Sociology
PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 2015

Areas of Specialization: Cultural sociology, Political sociology, Comparative-historical sociology

Current Research Interests: Cult of personality of state leaders, Insincerity as social phenomenon

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Adrian Popan

Dr. Luis Ramirez

Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, 2002


Areas of Specialization: Intimate partner violence, Race and ethnicity, Criminology

Current Research Interests: Intimate partner violence, Race and ethnicity, Criminology

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Luis Ramirez

Dr. Andreas Schneider

Associate Professor of Sociology                 
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1997

Areas of Specialization: Social psychology, Symbolic interactionism, Cross-cultural comparative methods

Current Research Interests: Cross-cultural studies, Authority/submission, Visual methods

Website: http://myweb.ttu.edu/aschneid/
Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Johnny Scott

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology                 
Ph.D., North Carolina A&T State University, 2016

Areas of Specialization: Sociology, Social Problems, Criminology

Current Research Interests: Relationship Between Perception of Institutional Climate and Social and Academic Adjustment of African American College Students

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Martha Smithey

Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Texas A & M University, 1994

Areas of Specialization: Criminology, Family Violence, Research Methods

Current Research Interests: Violence Against Children, Intimate Partner Violence, and Parenting

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Martha Smithey

Amber Thompson

Instructor, Sociology

MA, Texas Tech, 2014

Areas of Specialization: Social Change, Deviance, Criminology/Criminal Justice

Current Research Interests: Doctor/patient relationship during death/dying process, Physician assisted death, social change/social movements, inequality, religion & political identities

Curriculum Vitae

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Amber Thompson

Dr. Brandon Wagner

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2013

Areas of Specialization: Demography, Population Health, Family, Quantitative Methods, Bio-Social Interplay

Current Research Interests: Intersection of health and family across the early life course, Use of biomarkers in social research

Curriculum Vitae

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Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Jeffrey Dennis

Assistant Professor, TTUHSC
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2010

Areas of Specialization: Demography, Population Health, Race/Ethnicity, Life Course/Aging

Current Research Interests: Racial Disparities in birth outcomes, Racial disparities in pediatric emergency department use, sleep disorders and inflammation, contextual contributors to mortality.

4C102 – TTUHSC

Jeff Dennis