Texas Tech University

Faculty Spotlight Cristina Bradatan

TTU professor Cristina Bradatan

Full Name
Cristina Bradatan

Official Title 
Associate professor of Sociology

Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

How long have you been a faculty member at Texas Tech? 
Fourteen years (since 2007)

What do you enjoy best about working at Texas Tech and the College of Arts & Sciences? 
I like my colleagues (faculty and staff) and the campus.

What are your research areas of interest?
Climate change effects on human societies (health and migration in particular).

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work? 
I like hiking. I also enjoy walking on campus.

What is a fun fact about you that people may not know?
I am very successful in teaching Romanian to the campus' stray cats. 🙂 When I walk on campus, I usually bring some food for cats and call on them in Romanian. Those around Holden Hall already have a very good understanding of the language—they come running!