Texas Tech University

Center for the Integration of STEM Education & Research

Who are we?

CISER, established in 1992 at Texas Tech University, is a premier institution dedicated to integrating science education and research. Initially funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute grants, CISER has become a national leader in this field. With a focus on promoting undergraduate research and supporting pre-college science teacher development, CISER collaborates with regional partners to enhance STEM education. Committed to breaking down barriers and fostering innovation, CISER contributes to Texas Tech's reputation and advances science education at all levels.

As a university-wide center, CISER conducts research emphasizing the inseparable link between science education and research. Through collaborations with organizations like the Region 17 Education Service Center and funding from the Texas Regional Collaborative, CISER extends its impact beyond the university, reaching regional and local K-12 students and teachers. By fostering integration, innovation, and excellence in STEM education, CISER serves as a catalyst for advancing science education within the university and throughout the community.



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