Texas Tech University

Scholar Retreats

Introduction to Scholar Retreats: Inaugurated in 2004 by our devoted Undergraduate Research Scholar (URS) leaders, our annual Scholar Retreats represent a pivotal gathering for our scholarly community. These retreats serve as a cornerstone for fostering camaraderie among scholars while seamlessly blending outdoor research with enriching educational experiences.

Historical Context and Location: Throughout the years, scholars have frequented the TTU Center at Junction, TX, immersing themselves in field experiences and specialized courses. Dr. Lou Densmore, our esteemed CISER Director and proficient Professor, orchestrates immersive sessions at Junction. These sessions encompass vibrant discussions on regional biodiversity, enriching herpetology field excursions, and expeditions to the Mason Mountain Wildlife Management Area near Mason, TX.

Unique Retreat Highlights: The allure of our Retreat at Roaring Springs, TX, transcends mere academic pursuits. Tucked amidst scenic landscapes, it offers a rejuvenating escape. Scholars relish a day of spring water swimming and traverse picturesque hiking trails, meandering off the captivating Cap Rock Escarpment.

Some of the images from our retreats!