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From here, it's possible. As the academic heart of Texas Tech University with more than 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and more than 450 faculty members, the College of Arts & Sciences cultivates a powerful drive to discover the promises of tomorrow. From our astrophysicists investigating the life cycles of stars, to microbiologists testing COVID-19 samples, to sociologists analyzing how to predict the economic impacts of elections, the impact of our research is profound. The diverse collection of research within the College of Arts & Sciences stretches an impressive span of fields and impacts nearly every walk of life.  

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Inspired Research | Grant Tinsley

Kinesiology professor Grant Tinsley leads a research team that is working to improve the ways in which body composition is analyzed.

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Alessandra Corsi, TTU astrophysicist

Astrophysicist Named Among Top 10 Scientists to Watch

You could say Alessandra Corsi's rise to the top of her field has been meteoric, but in her case, the comparison falls short. After all, meteors burn brightly for only a brief time as they disintegrate. A more apt analogy for this astrophysicist would be a shining star.

Corsi, the President's Excellence in Research Professor in Texas Tech University's Department of Physics & Astronomy, is a pioneer in the new field of multi-messenger astronomy. She has been named to Science News magazine's sixth annual SN 10: Scientists to Watch. The list of 10 early- and mid-career scientists age 40 and under—all of whom are nominated by a Nobel laureate, a recently elected member of the National Academy of Sciences or an SN 10 alumnus—were chosen by the Science News staff for the potential to shape the science of the future.

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