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Spring 2023

TTU Archeology Feild School Featured in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

TTU Fall Field School-TPW

"The opportunity to excavate a bison jump site is exceptionally rare, and I am so excited that our graduate students and undergraduates had the opportunity to participate on this project. Doing archaeology at Caprock Canyons, however, is not for the faint of heart. The weather out there always seemed to be too much—too windy, too hot, too cold, too windy and cold! But, the students did great despite the conditions. They learned basic archaeological techniques while working on a spectacular site in a gorgeous setting. "- Dr. Brett Houk, Professor of Archeology, Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

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Making a French Connection

Study Abroad

A new Study Abroad history class provided Texas Tech students with a memorable educational experience in and around Paris. This program combined French history and food to offer students an educational and enjoyable journey through France. The course began online with coursework, followed by a two-week stay in Paris. Students learned about French history in the morning and explored historic sites in the afternoon, journaling about their experiences daily. Activities included baking baguettes, visiting museums, exploring landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and even creating an interactive map of Parisian sites. The class left a lasting impact on students, broadening their horizons and fostering camaraderie.

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TTU AMSA Wins Paul R. Chapter Success Award

AMSA 2023

Texas Tech University (TTU) American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Chapter representatives Ava Oliver, Tanner Taylor, Ethan Lumongsud, and Chandler Culberth extend their gratitude for the opportunity to attend the 2023 Future Physicians for Change Conference.  There they received the esteemed Paul R. Chapter Success Award, which recognizes chapters that exemplify AMSA's mission through various activities and initiatives. The TTU AMSA Chapter, comprising of passionate premedical students, has organized impactful events throughout the year, including a university-wide blood drive, collaborations with local organizations, and educational activities for the community. Their mission is to equip premedical students with resources while promoting compassion and benevolence. Attending the conference has provided them with valuable insights to further their mission, and they eagerly anticipate future contributions to the Lubbock community and TTU premedical students.gray line

TTU HydroRaiders Win Award at the Hydropower Collegiate Competition

HydroRadiers 2023

This May the U.S. Department of Energy announced the winners of the 2023 Hydropower Collegiate Competition. The compeition is meant to help undergraduate and graduate students prepare for jobs in hydropower, marine energy, and related industries by challenging them to develop unique solutions to advance America's energy technologies/resources. Our Texas Tech University HydroRaider's won the award for Best Poster in the individual category. All students had a great learning and networking experience. The team's hard work helped our college recieve this special recognition.gray line

A Journey of Overcoming and Becoming

Genavie Cabrera

The journey to the Texas Tech commencement finishing line has been neither smooth, nor easy for Genavie Cabrera, despite remarkable signs to the contrary – the infectious smile, self-assured posture and unmistakable certitude about life in general. Hers is a story of not only overcoming but also becoming, of looking adversity square in the eye and refusing to blink, of relentless determination to get where she's going. Click here to read more.

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Doctoral Student Receives Awards from the Colombian Congress of Zoology

Angela Alviz

Angela Alviz, PhD student, awarded two major distinctions at the 6th Colombian Zoology Congress Meeting. Alviz was awarded an Outstanding Student Medal of the Colombian Association of Zoology.  This award is meant to recognize outstanding students who have made significant contributions to zoology in Colombia. She was also awarded the Jorge V. Ahumada Scholarship for best graduate presentation with the work “Occupancy, activity patterns, and relative abundance of the Lowland Tapi in the Department of Arauca, Colombia”.

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She Will Rock You

Shelby Courreges

Shelby Courreges showed up on the campus of Texas Tech University convinced she could go places. The Department of Physics and Astronomy provided the direction in her quest to reach well beyond the skies. In a few months, Courreges, a third-year student, will embark on a new adventure, traveling to Laurel, Maryland, to begin a Brooke Owens Fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory – one of only 47 students selected for this honor. Read the complete article and find out the unique way her passion for physics started by visiting this link.

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Studying History the Perfect Complement to Engineering Background


David Foster has earned a bachelor's in mechanical engineering, a master's in engineering, a master's in history and a master's in businesssees. In what has been a valued and lifelong educational journey, today he is in pursuit of doctorate in history at Texas Tech. To read more about Foster's background and his ever growing, ever constant curiosity, click here.

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Possible Starts Here | Part 11 | Opening Opportunties

Valedictorian of her high school and a first-generation college student, Genavie Cabrera could have gone anywhere but chose Texas Tech as her home. A senior studying biochemistry, Cabrera aims to go to medical school and earn her doctorate. Cabrera has worked to build a legacy in her family and pave the pathway for her younger brother and the generation that comes behind her – proving Possible Starts Here. Watch Genavie's story in the video above.

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