Texas Tech University


April 2023 Guest Authors

We have two amazing authors joining us for this month's Creative Writing Reading Series! Dates, times, and short summaries are listed below. For full details, pelase visit the Reading Series page.


Sidik Fofona: April 11th at 7:30 PM in ENGL/PHIL 001

Sidik Fofana is a graduate of NYU's MFA program and a public school teacher in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in the Sewanee Review and Granta. He was also named a fellow at the Center for Fiction in 2018. Stories from the Tenants Downstairs, his debut short story collection composed of eight narratives about residents of a fictional building in Harlem, was published by Scribner in August 2022.

Lindsey Drager: April 27th at 7:30 PM in ENGL/PHIL 001

Lindsey Drager is the author of The Sorrow Proper, recipient of the 2016 Binghamton University/John Gardner Fiction Award; The Lost Daughter Collective, winner of the 2017 Shirley Jackson Award for novella and finalist for a 2018 Lambda Literary Award; and The Archive of Alternate Endings, a series of queer retellings of the Hansel and Gretel narrative that span a millennium told in 75-year increments that correspond with Earth's visits by Halley's Comet.