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Bachelor's in Technical Communication

The Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication will provide a broad liberal arts background and intensive training in the principles and practices of technical communication. It will prepare students for careers as technical communicators, editors, grant writers, website developers, information architects, and publications managers in a variety of professional domains, including publishing, education, government, health care, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. It also will prepare students for graduate education in technical communication as well as in law, business, science, and medicine.

Complete Your Degree Online

As an online student in our English Department, you will be enrolled in the same courses as our onsite students, with the same professors, earning the same quality of degree. Learn more about our Online BATC Program.

The Minor

Every profession requires communication skills. People with excellent communication skills get jobs and promotions. A minor in Technical Communication can help you learn the skills you need to succeed, no matter where your professional life takes you. Minoring in TC will also complement every major. Selecting TC as a minor will help you learn how to communicate with proficiency and confidence. For more specific information, see Minor Requirements, or contact Alexandra Salazar.

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Alexandra Salazar
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