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Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta Crest. The image depicts a lit torch crossing a paint brush. Within the quadrants are the Greek letters Sigma, Tau, and Delta, with a star being in the bottom quadrant. Encircling the central cross are "Sincerity, Truth, and Design" with the organization's date of origin (1924) at the bottom of the outer circle.Psi Delta Chapter Texas Tech University

Welcome to TTU's Psi Delta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. Sigma Tau Delta is an international English honor society which is committed to distinguishing students in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies for their contribution and accomplishments in the fields of English language and literature.

The TTU chapter of Sigma Tau Delta is comprised of students who have academically excelled in English studies. Our chapter is devoted to sharing the importance of English studies with the campus and community through student-initiated service projects, marathon readings, writing workshops, and literary events.

We are proud to be part of TTU's English department!

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Congratulations to our treasurer, Baylie Jett-Mills, who was selected from more than 140 applicants to serve as a 2024 Sigma Tau Delta Summer Journal Intern! In this role, she will be an editorial intern for the Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle and Sigma Tau Delta Review. You can find information about Sigma Tau Delta's journals here


Our next open mic night will be held on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at 4PM. If you would like to share your work, you can sign up using this link. Anyone is welcome to attend, and you can join the session here. If you have any questions, please see the flyer attached or contact Baylie (baylie.jett-mills@ttu.edu)

Can't make this event? There is going to be another open mic on Friday, May 3, so plan to join us then! Stay tuned to our Instagram for announcements.  


Membership in Sigma Tau Delta comes with many benefits. These include opportunities for: 

    • Scholarships
    • Publishing 
    • Writing awards 
    • Internships 
    • Student leadership and community service 
    • Career advancement 

Membership in your local chapter of Sigma Tau Delta opens the doors of opportunity and facilitates academic, professional, and personal growth. There are more than 875 active chapters worldwide, each defined by its location and membership, yet bound to the rest by the common goal of promoting excellence in the disciplines of the English language.

Members of every chapter have the opportunity to share their love of literature and linguistics with like-minded peers, participate in rewarding activities, and be recognized for their accomplishments. 

Active membership in Sigma Tau Delta is open to undergraduate students who have taken at least two college courses in English language or literature beyond the usual requirements in first-year English and who have at least a 3.0 average in English and overall. 

New membership is also open to graduate students who did not hold undergraduate membership, who are enrolled in a graduate program in English or one of its specializations, have completed six semester hours of graduate work or the equivalent, and have a minimum grade point average of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

Generally, students apply for membership at the beginning of each semester. The dues for new members include a one-time national fee of $45.00. The one-time fee pays for the new member's honor cords, pin, and certificate.

Sigma Tau Delta is now recruiting new members, including officers. Members and officers work together to develop goals for the chapter and decide what kinds of activities or community service and outreach efforts the chapter should engage in.

For more information about Sigma Tau Delta, or if you'd like to join, please contact Deena Varner at devarner@ttu.edu

Current Officers

Faculty Advisor  Deena Varner devarner@ttu.edu
President Megan Vaughn megavaug@ttu.edu
Vice President Kaytlen Bishop kaybisho@ttu.edu
Treasurer Baylie Jett Mills baylie.jett-mills@ttu.edu
Secretary Jaeden McCarter jaemccar@ttu.edu
Public Relations Amanda Jae Lopez lop42653@ttu.edu