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Harbinger Magazine

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Harbinger, Texas Tech's undergraduate literary journal, publishes photography, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short plays, and art. Staffed by Texas Tech students, the magazine is dedicated to giving our students--authors and artists--the opportunity to publish their work for the first time and become familiar with the publishing process. We accept student submissions during the fall semester, and we release the journal in the spring semester, giving students across campus a chance to show off their creativity and talent as the academic year wraps up.

Submission Guidelines

Please Include: Name, Classification, Genre of Piece, Email Address, Phone Number


Poetry: 5-page limit
Fiction and Nonfiction: 4,500 word limit
Play: 15-page limit

Email TTU Harbinger or submit online at TTU Harbinger. Please Include your name, classification, genre of piece, email address, and phone number on a separate title page.

Find us on Facebook at Harbinger Student Literary Journal.

Current Staff, 2023-2024

Katie Cortese, Faculty Advisor
Jordyn Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief 

Shelly Driskill, Lead Fiction Editor
Megan Cauley, Assistant Fiction Editor 
Preston Sabetpour, Associate Fiction Editor 

Aaron Lavery, Lead Poetry Editor 
Kenzie Fisher, Assistant Poetry Editor 
Elizabeth Hagelstein, Associate Poetry Editor 

Sarah Butcher, Lead Drama Editor 
Maggie Goins, Assistant Drama Editor 
Sybell Moegel, Associate Lead Editor 

Claire Felice, Lead Nonfiction Editor 
Joann Haddock, Assistant Nonfiction Editor 
Jaeden McCarter, Associate Nonfiction Editor 

Sadie Ramirez, Lead Designer 
Taylor Russell, Lead of Art & Photography 
Danna Guzman, Social Media Lead