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English Department 2022-2023 Scholarship and Award Winners


Undergraduate Scholarships

Incoming Students

Students are considered for general scholarships with their application for admission to Texas Tech University. To increase your chances of an academic award, please apply for admission as soon as possible. 

Continuing Students

Earning a scholarship for next year starts now. The university application for current students allows students to apply for over 4,000 internal scholarships with one application.

  • Find more information at Scholarships for Continuing Undergraduate Students, and use the University Scholarship Application
  • The application opens annually in October and closes February 1st.
  • To be eligible for English Department Scholarships, complete the University Scholarship Application and request a letter of recommendation from an English faculty member. Contact your faculty recommender before the end of the fall semester, so they can upload a letter of recommendation on your behalf as part of the application process.

Graduate Scholarships

The Graduate School offers a number of fellowships to new and continuing students that have been made possible by the gifts of alumni, friends, and foundations. Fellowships also are available through the colleges and departments of study and students should inquire directly with these units about opportunities; for applying students, awards are often made in conjunction with admission.

General Fellowships for New & Continuing Graduate Students

Graduate students can apply to their academic department and the Graduate School for fellowship opportunities at Texas Tech University. The Graduate School provides a number of fellowship opportunities to new and continuing students.

The full list of Graduate School General Fellowships is available here. Students may self-apply with typical awards ranging from $3,000–$5,000/yr.

  • For more information, explore General Fellowships.
  • Deadline to apply is January 15th.
  • Make sure to contact a faculty member in advance of the deadline for a letter of recommendation. For English department scholarships, students must fill out the general university scholarship application AND provide a faculty letter of recommendation. When you request your letter, ask your recommender to send the email to Associate Chair Dr. Elissa Zellinger at elissa.zellinger@ttu.edu.

Graduate Part-Time Instructor

A graduate student in an institution of higher education employed in support of the teaching mission of the unit who is responsible for, or in charge of, a class or class section, or a quiz, drill, or laboratory section. Graduate student must have at least 18 graduate hours in the teaching filed.


Every year, the English Department hosts a ceremony to recognize students who exceeded expectations and commitment to their work. Here are some of the potential awards students can earn:

Undergraduate Awards

  • ENGL 1301 Best Rhetorical Analysis
  • ENGL 1302 Best Mapping the Conversation Paper
  • ENGL 2311 Best Group Project Award
  • Mary Sue Carlock Award for Outstanding Sophomore Literature Paper
  • J.T. McCullen Award for Outstanding Advanced Undergraduate Literature Paper

Graduate Awards

  • Graduate Literature Teaching Award
  • Outstanding Online Instructor
  • Outstanding GPTI
  • Outstanding Instructor, 1st-Year Master's
  • Outstanding Instructor, Advanced PhD

Additional Sources of Funding

In addition to applying for scholarships offered by the English Department, students may also wish to investigate other internal and external sources of funding, including the following:

Prospective Donors

Please contact the department chairperson (telephone 806-742-2501) if you are interested in establishing a new English Department scholarship or award or if you would like to contribute to an existing scholarship or award.