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What is STC?

STC is a professional and academic community that unites Technical Communicators around the globe. Members work in industry, academia, and as professional consultants. It offers seminars to members ranging from technology to pedagogy and a national conference to bring the entire field together to exchange ideas on both theory and practice.  One important benefit to students is the massive job database located on the official STC site.

What does the TTU Chapter Do?

The purposes of our chapter are to promote interest in technical communication and to encourage the professional development of students in technical communication. We strive to help students build their professionalism and knowledge. We host informational meetings, training sessions and speakers, Job Site Excursion trips to visit companies in a major Texas city, and participate in an annual job fair on campus. We also serve our community through various projects, both related and unrelated to our field.

Membership Benefits & Information on STC Enrollment

Members develop professional skills by attending STC workshops and conferences, and they look for new ideas in the Society's journals, newsletters, and online resources. Student members receive access to the online publications, Technical Communication and Intercom , a comprehensive job database and annual salary report, membership in one student chapter (and one regional chapter), and membership in up to three special interest groups. The annual cost of student membership is $75. The website link below walks you through the enrollment process, including choosing your type of membership, chapter(s), and special interest groups. Additional membership options are available.

STC TTU Student Chapter Online

Keep up-to-date with current activities, upcoming events, and informational papers on issues in technical communication by visiting any of the following online communities and resources available:

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