Texas Tech University

PhD in English

PhD in English - Creative Writing

Specialization in Creative Writing

The Ph.D. with specialization in Creative Writing is an extraordinarily flexible and important degree: it asks you to practice your craft as a writer and to become a scholar of literature, providing you with the expertise and credentials to pursue a career as a faculty member in any English department in the country.

Graduate Student Opportunities

  • Teaching stipend for all enrolled Ph.D. students, if desired.
  • Enrollment in our in-house professional development course and the chance to apply for Tech's TEACH Program, created in response to the Preparing Future Faculty movement.
  • Potential to join the Iron Horse Literary Review staff as a reader or managing editor.
  • Opportunities to work in our beautiful Letterpress Studio.
  • Small classes, dedicated mentors, generous and talented colleagues, and a warm welcome into a tight-knit community of writers and scholars here in the South Plains.

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Dr. Curtis Bauer
Director of Creative Writing

Dr. Julie Couch
Director of Graduate Studies