Texas Tech University

Phonetics & Phonology Linguistic Lab

About the Lab

The Texas Tech Phonetics and Phonology Linguistics Lab (PPLL) is located in Room 203 of the Humanities Building.

The goal of the PPLL is to investigate the cognitive processes involved in the perception and production of speech sounds. More specifically, we are interested in determining precisely what sorts of sounds listeners can produce and perceive, with an emphasis on subphonemic distinctions.

The director of the PPLL is Dr. Aaron Braver. Dr. Braver is an Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English, and is an affiliated faculty member in the Department of Philosophy.


Research Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The PPLL is looking for undergraduate and graduate students to become involved in our research. These lab assistants will get hands-on experience with real linguistic research, from designing experiments to publishing papers. Working in the PPLL provides a great opportunity to gain experience in the fields of linguistics, language education, and speech pathology. Serving as a lab assistant is often a gateway to pursuing employment or further education in these fields.

If you are interested in working in the PPLL, please contact Dr. Braver aaron.braver@ttu.edu