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Creative Writing: The Possibilities Await


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If you want to inspire and engage others through your innovative and compelling writing skills, creative writing is the discipline for you. By studying creative writing, you can deepen your appreciation of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction prose. With the founding principles of rhetoric, communication, and literary structure, you will stretch your imagination in order to develop your writing craft.

Written communication is one of the most enduring and critical skills sought out by employers. Whether you want to pursue higher education or jump into another field, like law or consulting, a degree in creative writing will be invaluable.

Career Paths

Creative writers are a necessity in an indefinite number of fields due to their ability to write poignant arguments, think critically, and develop original content. The following examples illustrate the value that creative writers produce and provide.

The following is a partial list of the different jobs within creative writing:


Professor or academic





Technical Writer

Writer or columnist

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Dr. Curtis Bauer
Program Director

Alexandra Salazar
Advising, Undergraduate

Dr. Elissa Zellinger
Advising, Graduate