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Alumni at AAS

[2022/06] Two of our alumni, Dr. Rob Coyne (Postdoc: 2015-2017) and Dr. Kavitha Arur (Ph.D. in 2020), led a professional development workshop at the 240th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. We love to see our physicists continue to collaborate after they leave Texas Tech | Learn More |


[2022/05] Congratulations to all the Physics and Astronomy graduates! Learn More [Video], [Commencement Program]


[2022/05] An international team of astronomers, including our very own Dr. Alex Tetarenko (TTU's NASA Einstein Fellow), has unveiled the first image of the supermassive black hole (Sgr A*) at the center of the Milky Way galaxy | Learn More


[2022/05] At 2022 A&S Faculty and Staff Appreciation Celebration held on May 5th, Debra won the "Excellence in Support" award. Please join me in congratulating Debra on her very well deserved recognition!


[2022/04] Dr. Volobouev received one of Texas Tech University's President's Excellence in Academic Advising Awards.

Madison Howard

[2022/04] Madison Howard, a graduating senior, awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship | Learn more [1], [2]


[2022/04] Our department ranked 301-350th (63rd in the U.S.) for the third consecutive year in the QS World University Rankings (by subject: Physics and Astronomy) | Learn More |


[2022/03] Dr. Thacker recently was elected vice-chair of the Texas Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)


[2022/03] Drs. Akchurin and Kupfer were each selected to receive a IRDS (International Research & Development Seed) grant from the TTU Office of International Affairs | Learn More |


[2022/03] Dr. Chatzakis has been appointed as a fellow in the ONR (Office of Naval Research) Summer Faculty Research Program


[2022/03] Clive Binu, a junior physics major with a focus in astrophysics, has been selected for NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) Summer Student Research Assistantship | Learn More [1], [2] |


[2022/02] Dr. Lee leads the 2022 South Plains Regional Science and Engineering Fair for K-12 Students. This year's fair was held in-person at the United Supermarkets Arena on Feb. 25 | Learn More |


[2022/02] Dr. West has been recognized as a Hidden Gem by the Texas Tech Teaching Academy. | Learn More [1], [2] |


[2022/02] Dr. Sangsik Kim, adjunct faculty (ECE), was awarded the NSF CAREER Award for his project “Scalable Integrated Nanophotonics with Subwavelength Gratings” | Learn More |


[2022/01] Corey Bradshaw, a graduate student in Astrophysics, has been awarded observing time this summer on the Southern Astrophysical Research telescope (SOAR), located in Chile's Atacama Desert. | Learn More |


[2022/01] Dr. Damgov (lecturer) and Dr. Farooq (full-time instructor) join us in spring 2022. Welcome to the department!


[2021/12] Congratulations to Dr. Thacker on receiving an A&S Faculty Mid-Career Grant


[2021/12] Texas Tech broke ground on the new Academic Sciences Building, which will house teaching and laboratory space for five departments including Physics and Astronomy. Learn More: | Texas Tech Today | Local News 1,2 | Video |


[2021/12] Congratulations to all the Physics and Astronomy graduates! Learn More [Video1, Video2], [Commencement Program]


[2021/11] Joyce Norton featured in this month's Arts & Sciences Staff Spotlight. | Learn More |


[2021/10] On October 29 our department received a visit from Charlotte Hutcheson (third from left), who worked in our main office from 1965 to 1969 - more than 50 years ago!


[2021/10] Dr. Lee has been invited to serve on the Editorial Board for the Journal of the Korean Physical Society, an international journal published by the Korean Physical Society and Springer. | Learn More |


[2021/09] Congratulations to Dr. Alessandra Corsi for being awarded the 2022 New Horizons Physics Prize from the Breakthrough Foundation! | Learn More |


[2021/09] Drs. Hyunsoo Kim and Halyna Hodovanets were selected to receive a grant from the Helen Jones Foundation in support of "Promoting Science Identity of High School Students in Quantum Materials Science" | Learn More |


[2021/08] Dr. Thomas Kupfer recently received two grants from NASA's LISA preparatory science program and NSF's Astronomy and Astrophysics research grants.


[2021/08] Dr. Antoniou was selected to receive the 2021 Texas Tech Alumni Association Excellence Grant. | Read More. |


[2021/08] Dr. Tsai (lecturer) join us in fall 2021. Welcome to the department! | Learn More |


[2021/08] Congratulations to all the Physics and Astronomy graduates! Learn More [Video], [Commencement Program]

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The Texas Tech Physics & Astronomy Department is committed to achieving important research while still providing a high quality of education for our students at the undergraduate and graduate level. We have five active areas of research. For descriptions of current research topics at TTU, click Research Topics in each research area.


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TAMEST 2020 O'Donnell Award in Science: Alessandra Corsi, Ph.D. [Credit: TASMEST]



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