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Wellbeing & Success Mini-Grants

Wellbeing and Success Mini-Grant Program for Fulltime Faculty and Staff

The Office of Faculty Success announces a funding opportunity for full-time faculty and staff members for activities designed to support their professional wellbeing and success. Details follow here:

Basic information:

  1. Individual faculty and staff members may request up to $2,000 of funding. Individuals may not submit more than one proposal.  
  2. Faculty and staff who were funded for wellbeing and success programming during the 2022-2023 academic year are eligible to apply for this program.  
  3. Funded programs/activities must be completed by August 31, 2024.
  4. Faculty and staff members receiving funding are expected to participate in follow-up activities in the fall 2024 and spring 2025 terms to assess the efficacy of this program as a mechanism of support for faculty and staff wellbeing and success. 


  1. Proposals must be submitted using the Faculty & Staff Wellbeing & Success Funds Proposal Form. The Form requires: 
    1. Narrative description of the proposed program; 

    2. Program's alignment with the applicant's position at TTU; 

    3. Anticipated objectives of or expected deliverables supported by the program; 

    4. Dates activities will take place, included intended completion date; 

    5. Budget; 

    6. Confirmation of support from immediate supervisor. 

  2. Proposals must be submitted by Monday, December 11, 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted. Submission instructions are available on the proposal template. 

Funds may be requested to support:

  1. Registration fees for domestic or international academic conferences or other directed, professional development activities specifically related to an employee's position at TTU; 
  2. Publication fees and fees associated with submitting projects to juried competitions; 

  3. Travel associated with attendance at approved activities, including auxiliary costs like baggage fees and local transportation; 

  4. Meals and incidentals while traveling to and participating in the approved activities, up to the maximum allowable per diem rate; 

  5. Lodging associated with approved activities up to the maximum allowable per diem rate. 

Funds may not support: 

  1. Self-directed activities;
  2. Alcohol; 
  3. Personable consumables or equipment; 
  4. Consulting fees; 
  5. Costs associated with provision of medical treatment; 
  6. Any activities taking place after August 31, 2024. 

All proposals will be reviewed by the Provost's University Wellbeing Committee. Additional details follow here:

  1. Funding is limited and is not guaranteed. 

  2. Selection for this award will be made based on the on the information submitted in the proposal and in accordance with Texas Tech University System Regulation 07.09.

  3. Proposers will be notified when proposals have been received. 

  4. Awarded funds cannot carry forward into FY 25.   

  5. Awarded funds cannot be renewed. 

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