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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 32.29: Faculty Development Leaves

DATE: January 5, 2024

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to provide a standardized approach for faculty development leaves.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in May of even-numbered years by the Vice Provost for Faculty Success with substantive revisions presented to the Provost and Senior Vice President (PSVP).


1.  Sections 51.102–51.108 of the Texas Education Code provide for faculty development leaves (referred to in the Code as faculty development leaves of absence), and this OP conforms to the legislative directive.

2.   The Board of Regents may grant a faculty development leave for study, research, writing, field observations, or other suitable purposes to a faculty member within the constraints of the legislation.

3.   A college Faculty Development Leave Committee may serve in an advisory capacity to the college dean and prioritize applications from within each college. The chairperson and dean of the faculty member requesting a development assignment will complete the Faculty Development Leave Rating Form, Attachment B, and forward it with the application.

4.   The university Faculty Development Leave Committee elected by the general faculty should receive applications by faculty members for faculty development leaves (see Attachment A). The committee reviews these applications and makes recommendations to the PSVP pursuant to published criteria for selection and announced availability of such leaves.

The PSVP makes recommendations to the President, who then makes recommendations to the Board of Regents on which applications should be granted.

5.   A faculty member is eligible by reason of service when that person has served as a member of the faculty of Texas Tech University for at least five academic years, two of which must have been consecutive. This service may be as an assistant, associate, or full professor/librarian/archivist and must be full-time academic duty, but need not include teaching. The faculty member must be tenured at the beginning of the leave in order to receive the leave. A second leave ordinarily will not be granted to the same faculty member within five years of the first leave.

Faculty members at all ranks of non-tenure acquiring positions (lecturers, professors of practice, research professors, visiting professors) are not eligible for faculty development leave.

6.   Faculty development leave may be granted for either one academic year at one-half regular salary or for one-half academic year at full regular salary.

7.   A faculty member on faculty development leave may accept a grant for study, research, or travel from any institution of higher education; from a charitable, religious, or educational corporation or foundation; from any business enterprise; or from any federal, state, or local governmental agency. An accounting of all grants shall be made to the PSVP by the faculty member and a copy will be sent to the granting body. A faculty member on faculty development leave may not accept employment from any other person, corporation, or government unless the governing board determines that it would be in the public interest to do so and expressly approves the employment.

8.   Not more than 6 percent of the faculty members of the university may be on faculty development leave at any one time.

9.   A faculty member on faculty development leave continues to be an active participant of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas or the Optional Retirement Program just as any other member of the faculty on full-time duty. Deposit and membership dues required to be paid to the Teacher Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Program, and any other amounts required or authorized to be conducted from the compensation paid any faculty member, will be deducted from the compensation of those faculty members on leave.

10.   A member of the faculty who is on faculty development leave is a faculty member for purposes of participating in the programs and receiving the benefits made available by or through the institution or the state to full-time faculty members. Health insurance benefit premiums may be affected by selecting a full year's leave at half pay.

11.   A member of the faculty who is on faculty development leave is a faculty member for purposes of participation in departmental business and may vote on such matters as hiring, tenure and promotion, etc.

12.   Faculty on development leave shall not be penalized for the period of faculty leave in the calculations of service and teaching for the purposes of promotion, merit raises, or future duties.

13.   Faculty returning from development leave must report to the college dean on the accomplishments of the leave.


Attachment A: Faculty Development Leave Application Form

Attachment B: Faculty Development Leave Rating Form

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