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University Advising's mission is to partner with students, parents, and the community to facilitate autonomy, foster independence and develop opportunities to engage in and refine the academic advising experience. We strive to engage with students, refine academic and career goals, and advise for deliberate and goal-oriented academic progress.

Whether you are exploring majors, considering health-related careers, or need a partner to facilitate your academic success plan, University Advising is here.


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Meet the Leadership Team

Cathe Nutter

Cathe Nutter, Ph.D

Senior Director
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Wayne Perrin

Wayne Perrin, M.S., M.Ed,

Assistant Director
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Kristi Bloomquist

Kristi Bloomquist, M.Ed.

Assistant Director
Email Kristi

Ryan Scheckel

Ryan Scheckel, M.A.

Assistant Director
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Karin Huie

 Karin Huie 

Business Coordinator
Email Karin

Luke Stone

Luke Stone, B.S.

Assistant Director
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