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Application Completion

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"What will admissions' committees be looking for in my application?"

Law schools look at a variety of different factors in evaluating candidates. Two of the most important of those factors for most law schools are undergraduate GPA and LSAT score. In addition, they may consider:

  • undergraduate courses taken
  • college attended
  • improvement in grades over time
  • grade distribution in subject areas
  • activities in and outside of college
  • ethnic/ racial background
  • graduate work
  • letters of recommendation
  • written personal statement
  • work experience
  • community activities
  • motivation to study law
  • written personal statement
  • work experience
  • community activities
  • motivation to study law
  • state of residency
  • difficulties you have overcome (apparent in your personal statement) and anything else that helps you stand out.

Finishing Up

After registering for your LSAC account and taking the LSAT exam, complete the applications to the schools of your choice on the LSAC website. Be sure to set aside an appropriate amount of time in order to complete the applications, as well as for writing your personal statement, asking for Letters of Recommendation/Evaluations, acquirement of transcripts, and any other requirements.

Early acceptance deadlines for most schools lies around November 1. Be careful in choosing "Early Action" plans versus "Early Decision" plans, as they are starkly different. "Early Action" dictates that students are applying early in the application time period when more seats are available and scholarships have not all been distributed. This plan is NON-BINDING. "Early Decision" plans are BINDING applications that, if accepted, indicate the student will attend that institution. Use caution when choosing "Early Decision," because students may not take an offer from another university regardless of circumstance if accepted into their early decision school.

After you submit your applications, and have received confirmation that all of your materials have reached their proper destination, sit back and wait to start hearing back from the schools. Try to be patient, some schools may not send back responses until the application deadline.