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Information about University Advising


Mission Statement

University Advising partners with students, parents, and the community to facilitate autonomy, foster independence, and develop opportunities to engage in and refine the academic advising experience.

Engage. Refine. Advise. The three key ways we will partner with you for success at Texas Tech.

The Department

University Advising (TTUA)  engages in several important student recruitment, transition, and retention initiatives:

  • Discovery! -- guiding the academic exploration of undecided and uncertain students
  • TTU Prelaw Program for undergraduates pursuing a future education in a school of law
  • UA, advising students on their way to declaring a major and facilitating their academic success. 

In summary, TTUA is most strongly motivated to continue its beneficial history of serving Texas Tech University on all matters concerning academic advising. A description, brief history, and a list of highlights for each of these important endeavors is detailed in the sections that follow. 

Texas Tech University Advising

Triage Advising

Because student issues range from finding the right classroom to finding the right major, to finding out the difference between a W, a DG, a DW, and University Withdrawal, University Advising maintains a triage advisor in the office, and has developed an online Student Resource Guide, a YouTube Channel and an index of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to provide 24/7 academic guidance for students. 

As in the medical field, triage is not University Advising's ongoing method of operation, but it is vital to engaging students at their perceived point of need. Once their immediate concerns have been addressed, and their condition has “stabilized,” our advisors work to help students explore the situation to a greater level of depth to foster critical thinking, initiative, self-leadership, problem-solving, and confidence.

Initially, this approach may be labeled as prescriptive in nature, but drawing from its heritage as a part of higher education's academic units, prescription is quickly replaced by a deliberately scaffolded curriculum, wherein the student is prompted, invited, and encouraged to enter and embrace the important cycle of learning, assessment, re-direction, and growth.

Resource Broker

Brokering campus resources includes providing numerous printed materials introducing campus resources, to personal referrals made at the student's point of need. University Advising staff function as resource brokers to guide students toward important offices, persons, and services which aid in student persistence and overall retention.

TTU DISCOVERY! Program for Undecided and Exploratory Students

The first component of the process is the DISCOVERY! Academic Physical, which will help you set goals, identify your specific learning style, and create study strategies that will promote optimal academic health (success).Through a deliberate study of yourself and one-to-one meetings with an academic advisor, you will narrow the range of academic alternatives and be well-equipped to confidently pursue your educational and career goals.

Contact Information: 79 Holden Hall, 806.742.2189, discovery@ttu.edu, www.discovery.ttu.edu

TTU Prelaw Program

Students who are interested in attending law school should begin preparing long before graduation. The discipline of law is for students who are interested in combining precision in thinking, researching, and writing with a desire to work with people. The TTU Prelaw Program works with your major to strengthen and streamline your candidacy as a law school applicant. There are two sound routes to consider:

  1. Undeclared/Exploratory Students: Initially, you can be designated as a PLAW student in the College of Arts & Sciences. Using University Advising's DISCOVERY! tools, you will be ready to declare a major, having determined what major best fits your goals, values, and personal objectives. This plan allows you the freedom to explore academic majors while staying on track in your preparation for law school. PLAW is a great way to explore and still graduate on schedule with a degree that you find fulfilling and exciting.
  2. Declared Majors: The program will partner with you and the academic advisor who specializes in your declared major. Their combined guidance will support your pursuit of undergraduate success and prepare you for the transition to law school. Just let us know you are interested, and we will begin guiding you through the process, and will even help track your progress.

Contact information: 79 Holden Hall, 806.742.2189,prelaw@ttu.edu, www.prelaw.ttu.edu

TTU PreEngineering Program

See the PreEngineering website for more information about this program.