Texas Tech University

Excelling in Academics

Maintaining a high GPA is essential when considering law school. Along with the LSAT score, a student's GPA is one of the top components of an application that admissions representatives consider.

That is not to say that students with a lower GPA cannot get accepted to Law School, rather it will limit the individual's options of schools. Sometimes a higher LSAT score can cushion a lower GPA; however a high GPA cannot always cushion a low LSAT score.

When applying to Law School, make sure to include ALL transcripts to your LSAC account, including transfer and dual credit from your time in high school. After submitting all grades, LSAC will generate a new GPA for the student; including grade replacement course grades and summer classes. Most often a student's GPA will appear lower on their law school applications. This is expected and nothing to stress too much over. Remember, all students applying will most likely see the same change.

Throughout your undergraduate degree, make sure to take challenging courses that will prepare you for the rigorous test that is Law School. Form strong, professional relationships with your professors by visiting during office hours and actively engaging in class. These may result in fabulous Letters of Recommendation when application time rolls around.

Further, utilize all of the resources that the University provides. Check out the Learning Center at Texas Tech as well as the Writing Center for help any time.

Can you recommend any classes that will help me as a PreLaw student?

  • In general, PreLaw students should seek to improve their writing, reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills through their coursework. Success in law school (and success on the Law School Admission Test) relates to these skills.
  • It is important to take classes that exercise your mind by asking you to read what might be difficult prose, to analyze and construct logical arguments, and to test your understanding through writing. One great way to get credit for courses of this nature is to get a minor in Legal Studies.
  • It is very important that PreLaw students choose classes that will help them prepare for law school, but also faculty that will guide them successfully through the skills they need to learn.