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Our Mission

"The department of Texas Tech University Advising exists to engage, equip, empower, and encourage students to explore and excel in their educational goals and beyond."

You may be thinking, "That's a lot of e-words." Or maybe you're thinking, "Yeah, right ... prove it!" We couldn't agree more.  Let us explain:

  • Our mission uses several e-words by design. The statement was carefully crafted to help our own team memorize, understand, and deliver! We've outlined it in an advising syllabus for our students, but it is far more than that.  So go ahead, ask one of us about it. What does it mean? How are we working to accomplish it? We look forward to the conversation.
  • On 'proving it' ... we intend to. Our department is investing precious time, energy, and resources to center all of its efforts on exceeding the highest standards of academic excellence in academic advising. Everything we do is based on a specific learning objective and has deliberate assessments so we can know where we are successful as well as where there are opportunities to better serve our students. You can learn more about this element of our work at www.advising.ttu.edu/stratplan.

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I've graduated from high school and made it to college.

Blog with us
Blog with the University Advising Center

So, what now?

Success here will probably look a little different than you've imagined. Don't sweat it, your road to a degree in higher education will be the biggest adventure [road trip] you've ever encountered.

[And we're calling shotgun.]

Your diploma won't give you a job; it will get you an interview to a job. One in four of you will graduate and go into a career that doesn't currently exist. You'll probably change careers at least four times before you retire. Yeah, no kidding. So the Advising Center is here to give you a chance to make the most of your college education. Get Started...

Parent and Student

Wait a second! I'm a parent and I need help.

Can you help me too? Sure! We are eager to assist!


Advising: it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

TTU Advisors, we're glad it's you. Whether they say, "Thank you," or not, one day, the students will also appreciate your diligent efforts to resource and guide their academic progress. Most of the advisors at TTU are tied to specific colleges and schools, with the charge of focusing on students in their area. As University Advising, our job is to specialize in helping students find their place with you, so you can guide them on toward graduation. To help us all, we've put together a collection of resources that we find useful, and want to make them available to you as well. We're so swell. :)

Advising Programs for the University Community



Undecided is a good decision.

Choosing a major is an important step in your first year of college. By using the DISCOVERY! Program, you don't lose time and money. Instead, you spend your first year discovering who you are, what you want out of life, and creating an educational plan to get you there. "What major really fits you?" It is a big question, and we are here to help.

TTU PreEngineering Program

TTU PreEngineering

So you want to be an Engineer?
Learn what it takes.

Not just anyone can become an engineer so it is important that you have the foundation that you need to be successful there. The TTU PreEngineering Program exists to support the success of future engineers by providing highly personal, success-oriented and career-focused advising. As part of PreEngineering students will also have easy access to some of the best resources on campus. So what are you waiting for?

TTU PreLaw Program

TTU PreLaw

Law School. Really? That's brave.
Don't be intimidated, though.

With your drive and determination, plus a little direction and encouragement, it can be yours for the taking. While starting a degree in law may be four or more years away, preparing for law school starts today. The TTU Prelaw Program is here to walk with you through the application process, planning your finances, and preparing for the LSAT exam. Law School is waiting, and the competition will be fierce. Will you be ready?

TTU Legal Studies Minor

TTU Legal Studies

Why minor in Legal Studies?

The interdisciplinary minor in Legal Studies formally guides and encourages the exploration of law and its influence in society. The curriculum blends challenging course options in students' home disciplines with relevant interdisciplinary electives to facilitate an interest in and an appreciation for the beneficial application of theory and research through the vehicle of law. Sound interesting?