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What is the PreLaw Program?

The TTU PreLaw Program is a structured four-year program that prepares undergraduate students to be exceptional applicants to a school of law. The PreLaw Program serves to emphasize three essential areas identified by law school professionals nationwide:

  • Writing and speaking with comprehension and clarity
  • Understanding social institutions and human nature
  • Thinking creatively and analytically

What Will I Do as a PreLaw Student?

As a PreLaw student, you will be invited to participate in events that will help you to become an exceptional applicant for Law School. Through access to the Program Assistants and Ambassadors, students are easily able to ask questions and voice concerns about their decision to attend Law School. Further, the Program will serve to familiarize students with the essential aspects of the Law School Application Process: LSAT, GPA, Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, and Resume.

Though attending events is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged that students participate early during their undergraduate education and often. Learning the Law School Timeline is very important, and with this program you will be clearly directed on how to complete the necessary steps to achieve your goal.

You have the drive and you know the destination. We can provide the direction you will need to get there.


Calendar of Events

 2017 Calender of Events


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Thank you to all the law schools that attended our Law School Meet & Greet!

Meet and Greet

If you were wanting to visit with The University of Missouri, who’s Alumni unfortunately couldn’t attend due to court proceedings, or missed the chance to chat with a school. Please email prelaw@ttu.edu with your contact info and we will get you the information you need.”


Meet & Greet Spring 2017



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