Texas Tech University


Our Mission

University Advising partners with students, parents, and the community to facilitate autonomy, foster independence, and develop opportunities to engage in and refine the academic advising experience.

Engage. Refine. Advise

Three simple words that envelop our entire philosophy of facilitating student growth, development, and success.

Engage. We meet students where they are, academically, socially, geographically. From raider road shows and red raider orientation to teaching raider ready classes to intentional communication with students who may be searching for direction, we actively engage students in conversations, action plans, and success strategies.

Refine. Goals are vital to success. TTUA provides the support and framework for you to look critically at your goals, your strengths, your talents, your intentions and find details and refinements to make those goals a reality.

Advise. This doesn't mean picking courses for you. Advising means coaching, facilitating, encouraging, guiding, questioning, pushing, collaborating. You are in control of your college career; we are here to support, assist, bolster, and champion your success.



majors and minors


post grad