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I have learned that success is to be measured, not so much by the position one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. Booker T. Washington, 1969, The Story of My Life and Work, p. 51.How to update your contact information online.Learn how to build schedules faster than changes in the West Texas weather.Learn more about the peer success coaches.Discover our historical data, insights, and creative solutions for improving student care.


The first TTU Convocation, held on September 30, 1925.

Laying the Foundation for Student Success

Since 1923, Texas Tech University has been strategically investing in students' successes. Today, Student Success & Retention strategically facilitates, practically equips, and creatively supports Texas Tech University stakeholders to catalyze student success through insight, improvement, and innovation for impact. How do we do this?

Investing in Improvements

Academic advising, coaching, and student guidance don't improve on their own. We work to cultivate excellence in this important work wherever it exists on our campus.

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Did you know? There are hundreds of campus resources, and all are committed to engaging and supporting students.

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Building on research and best practices, Texas Tech is actively investigating student success from every angle.

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