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Raider Success Hub FAQ

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Access & Logging In

How do I log into Raider Success Hub?

  1. Visit www.success.ttu.edu
  2. Select your portal: Employee or Student.
  3. Log in using your eRaider credentials

    Log in with eRaider

How do I get access?

Employees or student staff who need access can submit a request here: https://help.success.ttu.edu/ 

Remember: you MUST be FERPA compliant to receive access to Raider Success Hub.

Transitioning From Strive

What happened to Strive?  Can I still access my information?

With the official launch of Raider Success Hub (RSH) on Monday, Feb. 13, Strive will enter read-only mode beginning on Friday, Feb. 10.

In Strive read-only mode:


  • Be able to view/review data (student info, documentation, previously created alerts, etc.).
  • Be able to log in for the next few weeks. We will provide an update, when available, regarding when Strive will officially be phased out.

You will NOT:

  • Be able to create any new data. This includes creating new appointments (student initiated or faculty/staff initiated), documentation of appointments, raising alerts, etc.).

You can access the read-only version of Strive until late March.

What if I have appointments scheduled to meet on Friday, Feb. 10?

You are welcomed to have these appointments, but remember you cannot document/update your appointments in Strive. You will need to find an alternative way to document (Word, etc.). You can then add your documentation to RSH on Monday.

Alternatively, you may want to ask students who have appointments on this date to reschedule now with an earlier or later date.

What will happen to my appointments that are scheduled to meet Monday, Feb. 13 and later?

Appointments that were previously created and scheduled Monday, Feb. 13 and later will be moved to Raider Success Hub (RSH). You will access these appointments there.


What kind of Training is available?

We'll be leveraging different training platforms and training methods to provide learning experiences that work best for you. You have the freedom to participate in as many of the different training opportunities as you would like.

We will have hands-on Instructor-led training as well as self-paced online training through RR360 Trails.

Learn more

How do I access the RR360 Trails Training Site?

  1. Visit https://texastech.my.trailhead.com
  2. Click the Log in with Employee button
  3. Log in using your eRaider credentials

    Log in with eRaider

  4. Go to the ‘Trails' tab and select the ‘Red Raider 360' trail
  5. Click on each Module and complete each Unit. Note: Units are marked complete when you finish the quiz at the end.

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