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Project News & Updates

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We are excited about Raider Success Hub and the benefits it offers our community. We are also committed to keeping you informed with project updates throughout the implementation process and encourage you to visit this page regularly for the latest information. 

Project Milestones & Events

April 2022: Discovery Sessions 

Salesforce staff met with Texas Tech faculty and staff to gather essential project information to gain insights into our business challenges, to learn more about what we want in a success platform and why we want it.  Once we identified our needs, we developed a comprehensive list of requirements, objectives, and deliverables for the project.

July 15, 2022:  Implementation Kick-off Meeting

To open this exciting and ambitious new era of student success at Texas Tech University, Executive Sponsors and Project Managers officially kicked off the project at a formal meeting on July 15, 2022.

July - August 2022: Define & Design Sessions

In the Define & Design sessions, we brainstormed with our Solution Architect and Business Analysts to map out a plan and co-create a solution design to fit our specific needs.

  • 11 Define & Design Sessions held over the course of six weeks. 
  • 100+ TTU stakeholders participated in at least one session.

August - December 2022: Development 

  • 8, 2-week Development Sprints 
  • 249 User Stories Completed (569 Story Points)

January 2023: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The goal of UAT is to ensure Raider Success Hub can handle real-world tasks and perform as expected.

  • 50+ end users on the Testing Team.
  • 16 hours of hands-on testing sessions

January 2023: Instructor-Led Training Begins

January 12, 2023: RR360 Trails Launches 

RR360 Trails, the Raider Success Hub (RSH) asynchronous learning platform, is now available. This interactive, self-paced learning experience will allow Raider Success Hub users to learn more about RSH and Salesforce.

February 10-12, 2023: Deployment Weekend

  • All Strive users will have read-only access during Raider Success Hub deployment between 8 a.m. Friday, Feb. 10 to 6 a.m. Monday, Feb. 13.

February 13, 2023: Go Live

  • Welcome to a new era of student success at Texas Tech University!


Date Subject Audience
10/27/2022 A Connected Experience: Raider Success Hub Leadership, Stakeholders, RSH Team
10/31/2022 Raider Success Hub Launching Spring 2023 Deans, Chairs, School Directors, Area Coordinators, Campus Advisors, Academic 1st Responders, RSH Team
12/21/2022 Raider Success Hub Training Opportunities Deans, Chairs, School Directors, Area Coordinators, Campus Advisors, Academic 1st Responders, Stakeholders, RSH Team
1/9/2023 Texas Tech Faculty January Updates (Included in monthly faculty newsletter) Faculty
1/12/2023 Raider Success Hub: Asynchronous Training Now Open Strive Users, RSH Team
1/17/2023 Raider Success Hub Launching February 13 Strive Users
1/30/2023 Raider Success Hub Launching February 13 Leadership, Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, School Directors, Area Coordinators, RSH Team
2/2/2023 Raider Success Hub Launching February 13 Faculty and Staff, RSH Team
2/7/2023 Students, Launching Soon: Raider Success Hub Students, RSH Team
2/9/2023 Reminder: Strive Will Be Read-Only Beginning February 10 Strive Users
2/13/2023 Raider Success Hub is Live Students
2/13/2023 Raider Success Hub is Live Strive Users, TTU Campus

Project Team

Project Management Team

Dr. Mitzi Lauderdale, Executive Sponsor

Dr. Kathy Austin, Executive Sponsor

Dr. Rachel Jackson, Project Manager

Dr. Tara Miller, Product Owner

Kyle Phillips, IT Lead

Mike Simmons, IT Lead

Lauren Belasco, Testing Lead

Elvia Reyes, Training Lead

Eileen Gianodis, Change Management Lead

Beth Davidson, Change Management Lead

Discovery Session Participants

Bohn, Patrick E

Bowen, Elizabeth

Brasher, Donna

Brawley, Kathleen

Bray, Courtney

Brown, Ashlee W

Brown-Campbell, Dee

Cain, Chad

Calder, Deanna

Canales, Jordan

Carnes, Adrienne

Chambers, Todd

Chavarria, Aaron

Cox, Robert

Cruz, Brandon

Dennis, Sara

Favela, Carlos

Fidler, Taylor

Galvan, Jason

Gee, Anterian

Gibson, Courtney D

Granberry, Jameshia

Gregory, Matt

Hardaway, Hallie

Heard, Julia

Herring, Maeley

Killough, Jay

Kniss, Rob

Lara, Hannah

Legako, Stephanie

Longnecker, Whitney

Madler, Aubrey

Messuri, Kristin

Montecillo, Christina

Ohlmann, Megan

Perrin, Wayne

Peterman, Amy

Phillips, Kyle

Pruitt, Rachael

Quintana, Gracie Z

Ratheal, Otto

Reed, Merrell

Rogers, Nathan

Rosas, Lesslie

Scheckel, Ryan

Schmitt, Cassandra

Sharp, Geleah V

Sills, Josh

Silva-Tovar, Jade

Squire, Danny

Sweet, Jacob

Tebo, Shannon

Veal, Janet

Watson, Connie

York, Karen

Testing Team

Ballejo, Amelia Student Engagement
Beneze, Sondra College of Media & Communications
Betzold, Sharon Student Disability Services
Bohn, Patrick The Learning Center
Bray, Courtney College of Arts & Sciences
Cain, Chad Honors College
Cain, Jenna College of Architecture
Canfield, Veronica Undergraduate Admissions
Castillo, Sandra Student Engagement
Chavarria, Aaron College of Visual & Performing Arts
Corona, Chris College of Education
Cruz, Brandon Student Development & Engagement
Gallego, Janelle Undergraduate Student
Galvan, Jason Undergraduate Student
Gibson, Courtney D College of Agriculture
Gomez Duque, Viviana Student Engagement
Gustafson, Brooks Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
Hamilton, Robert Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
Harvill, Eli Student Engagement
Hernandez, Claudea University Life Coaching
Herring, Maeley College of Agriculture
Hollingsworth, April Undergraduate Admissions
Legako, Stephanie Dean of Students
Lindsey, Melanie Student Engagement
Luempert, Ali J College of Human Sciences
Lynn, Courtney University Studies
Madler, Aubrey TTU at Costa Rica
Mauppin, Jennifer Undergraduate Admissions
Mixtacki, Michael College of Visual & Performing Arts
Morrison, Paige Student Engagement
Moya, Jeanette Student Engagement
Murph, Jessica Student Engagement
Nolasco, Kimberly Student Engagement
ODaniel, Braden Student Engagement
Ohlmann, Megan Student Engagement
Padgett, Alejandra Student Engagement
Patridge, Paloma Student Engagement
Quintana, Gracie Z College of Engineering
Rigsby, Selton Undergraduate Admissions
Salas-Marmolejo, Dolores College of Human Sciences
Sanchez, Jess Student Engagement
Scheckel, Ryan University Advising
Schwintz, Jess College of Business
Silva-Tovar, Jade Campus Access & Engagement
Smith, Aaron D Student Engagement
Stearns, Brandon Enrollment Management Marketing
Tebo, Aaron Athletics
Thomas, Melissa Enrollment Management Marketing
Villarreal, Melissa Student Engagement
Waller, Jayc Student Engagement
Ward, Adrianna Study Aborad
Watson, Connie Programs for Student Achievement


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