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Raider Success Hub will transform the educational experience at Texas Tech University by removing limits to when, where and how connections occur, so that staff and faculty can reach students where they are while meeting each individual's needs - a 360° approach to student success.


Our values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions as we work to bring a more connected experience to help all students persist.

  • Inspire Resourcefulness: We challenge the status quo and look at issues from new angles to solve problems in interesting ways. Our approach is to find ways to multiply resources by being creative and persistent. 
  •  Champion Individualization: We believe that developing and delivering a customized experience is a core driver in helping each student, each staff member, achieve their personal goals.
  • Deliver Quality: We promise to deliver the highest quality in every aspect of our work. We have quality in our processes, our people, and our technology.
  • Embrace Openness: We listen to the ideas of others and encourage an open dialogue. We are committed to being open, honest, and transparent in all we do.


Methods are the ways in which we accomplish our Vision while staying true to our Values. 

Method 1: Enable a holistic, student-centered approach to student success and retention

Raider Success Hub will establish a community in which students can navigate their educational journey with the support of a success team. This gateway promotes visibility and coordination among university programs, transformative learning experiences and campus partnerships – all committed to preparing the students of today to become the global leaders of tomorrow.

Method 2: Encourage comprehensive adoption throughout the Texas Tech community

Texas Tech University will integrate the Raider Success Hub into as many aspects of the student experience as possible to reduce the number of platforms used by students, faculty, and staff. Capacity of the Raider Success Hub stretches beyond academic advising needs to serve the whole individual and will give those who assist students a streamlined, 360° view into their experiences. 

Method 3: Sustain support and engagement from campus leaders

All members of the Texas Tech community will play a critical part in creating an environment where students, staff, and faculty flourish. The effectiveness of the Raider Success Hub is reliant upon leaders in many roles across the campus to help identify and overcome the barriers to success. The Raider Success Hub will build trust by offering transparency and sharing stories to let leaders know how staff efforts impact student persistence and the university mission.

Method 4: Embrace a variety of methods to create clear and consistent communications 

Raider Success Hub will create a comprehensive communications gateway by fostering new processes, approaches, and mindsets to creating and disseminating messages. Staff and faculty will easily access all available information about a student and send them only the communications that are relevant to their needs and situation, laying out and leading expectations, as well as responding to them.


Raider Success Hub