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Raider Success Hub Live Chat Policy

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All chat communication administered through the Raider Success Hub (RSH) should promote student success and enforce Texas Tech University's mission to advance knowledge through innovative and creative teaching, research and scholarship. In RSH, chat is referred to as Live Chat.

Live Chat is intended to supplement Texas Tech's current student communications strategy by providing quick and personalized service, and this policy is devoted to the chat strategy inside Raider Success Hub. Exception criteria is listed below.

The Live Chat policy applies to any RSH-affiliated individual granted permission to chat with students regarding university academic-related matters out of the Raider Success Hub only. Departments, researchers and other academic personnel using chat or chatbots to communicate with students through university-approved platforms outside of RSH are exempt from this policy.

NOTE: This policy is intended for everyday, non-emergency use. Emergency notifications are managed through the Texas Tech Office of Communications and Marketing via the Emergency Communications Center.

Definitions and Language

RSH – Raider Success Hub

Live Chat – Raider Success Hub's chat method.

Authenticated Chat – Initiated inside the Raider Success Student Portal after a student has logged in with their eRaider.

Unauthenticated Chat – Initiated through the chat feature on the success.ttu.edu website without using any login features.

Agents – Trained Student Success Specialists that are authorized to administer Live Chat.

User – A person who initiates a Live Chat session.


What to Expect: Raider Success Hub Live Chat

Authorized users in RSH support authenticated and unauthenticated Live Chat. Authorized users, referred to as Agents, will include trained success team members.

Live Chat supports two-way communication between the user and the success specialist. Automated Chatbot messages are intact to provide instant responses received and provide further direction.

NOTE: Email is still the primary form of communication for official academic-related messaging. It is important for students to check their TTU email for updates and information.

Acceptable Use

  1. FERPA regulations and guidelines that are followed when sending any other form of communication to students should be followed when sending communications through Live Chat.
  2. Students will never be asked for personally identifiable information through Live Chat from TTU.
    1. If you receive a message asking for personal information:
      1. Do not reply to the message
      2. Alert IT Help Central at (806) 742-4357 or email ithelpcentral@ttu.edu.


Due to FERPA regulations, some personal and sensitive information cannot be sent via Live Chat. If sensitive information needs to be discussed with a member of the success team, the user will be asked to discuss in person or other appropriate formats, as indicated in the student's FERPA preferences.

We take your privacy seriously.

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