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Raider Success Hub Data Access Policy and User Expectations

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Raider Success Hub is committed to nurturing the open, information-sharing requirements of Texas Tech s academic culture, while preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information resources. To promote the highest standards of decision-making and the increased quality of student support, Raider Success Hub intends to provide the University community with access to authoritative and accurate data.

This policy outlines requirements for granting and revoking access to student data via Raider Success Hub. Its purpose is to ensure that access to confidential, restricted and regulated data is authorized and that data with a need for protection are used appropriately in compliance with Texas Tech Operating Policy and relevant state and federal laws.

Definitions and Language

Educational Record – Any record directly related to the student and maintained by an educational agency, or institution, or by a party acting for the agency, or institution if certain conditions are met. (Office of the Registrar). All information contained within Raider Success Hub is considered part of a student s official record from Texas Tech University.

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that pertains to the release of and access to education records. FERPA helps to define a student's rights regarding their education records and how the institution should protect those records. Raider Success Hub, as a technological system, is fully compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect the privacy of student information.

Authorized Access

Access to data will be as broad as possible, consistent with the classification of the data, role(s) and responsibilities of the user, and level of training. Protecting student information is driven by a variety of considerations including university policy, and federal and state laws.

FERPA Certification is required to obtain access to Raider Success Hub. Please use the HR Cornerstone to complete FERPA training or to check your certification status. FERPA certifications expire every 2 years.

As part of OP 70.40: Information Privacy and Confidentiality Statements, All faculty, staff, and student employees are required to sign a Confidentiality Statement and a Confidentiality of Student Information Systems Records Agreement during their new hire onboarding process.

Level of access granted to individual users and data points will be consistent with and governed by OP 73.01: Data Management and Data Governance

User Credentials

eRaider account is the TTU electronic identification that provides access to password protected websites and services. Authorized employees and students must use eRaider credentials to log into Raider Success Hub.

Requesting Access

To request access to the faculty/staff portal, complete the Access Request form through the RSH Support Center (help.success.ttu.edu).

Student employees who work with other students (e.g., tutoring, mentoring) or as receptionists in academic units may be assigned user profiles in RSH with limited access specifically designed to protect student confidentiality. Student employees should work with their supervisor to determine if RSH access is required and to request access, if necessary.

Revoking Access

If a user s FERPA certification expires, their account will be inactivated and only reinstated once they are in compliance with FERPA training.

User activity monitoring is critical for protecting sensitive data. Recorded user actions in Raider Success Hub include permission changes, login attempts, record access, data exports, and more. Employees (faculty, staff, or student employees) found to be in violation of OP 70.40: Information Privacy and Confidentiality Statements for any reason will lose access to Raider Success Hub, will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination, and may be subject to additional legal action. If you suspect a user is misusing student data, report the violation immediately per OP 10.14: Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing.

Additionally, TTU does not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment. TTU's non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy is set forth in Texas Tech University System Regulation 07.10, which can be found here.

Supervisors are responsible for notifying RSH staff if a user (faculty, staff, or student employee) changes jobs or if RSH access is no longer relevant to the work they do.

Users who are no longer employed with Texas Tech will lose access to RSH automatically when their eRaider is deactivated according to the IT Policy on eRaider services. However, departments should regularly review, verify, and update access to ensure compliance.

User Expectations

By accepting access to Raider Success Hub, users accept the responsibility to:

  1. Protect the privacy of student records
  2. Maintain standards of accurate and ethical record-keeping

Protect the Privacy of Student Records

Both federal and University policies apply to the privacy of Raider Success Hub records. Users must adhere to all policies when accessing and creating student records.

Federal Law

All records in RSH are part of the student s educational record and are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • Students have the right to view RSH records by request
  • All RSH users must complete the FERPA Training every 2 years

University Policy

OP 70.40: Information Privacy and Confidentiality Statements applies to all RSH records.

  • Users should only access RSH records to perform their job
  • Users should never look up student records out of curiosity
  • Users should never include medical, Title IX or Students of Concern information in an RSH record

Maintain Standards of Accurate and Ethical Record-Keeping

All users of RSH, regardless of role, are expected to meet the standards of record-keeping consistent with federal and University policy. For academic advisers, documenting recommendations and interpretation of policy is a basic expectation of professional and ethical practice.

OP 10.11: Ethics Policy requires university personnel to:

  • Keep accurate, complete, and appropriately documented records
  • Abide by the appropriate professional code of ethics in this case, academic advising and student success

To maintain appropriate records, RSH users will:

  • Record the advising recommendations and policy interpretations shared with <students
  • Follow appropriate conventions of documentation so that records are complete but do not include protected information
  • Consult RSH records made by others
  • Follow up on tracking items (e.g., alerts or tasks) or referrals (e.g., cases)

Please be sure that any notes made in Raider Success Hub are based on facts and/or observations. Further, please be sure that such notes are appropriate for sharing with the respective student if requested.

Review the Guidelines for Creating and Accessing Records module in RR360 Trails for more detailed information on appropriate documentation, including self-check questions to guide decision-making concerning RSH records.

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