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University Advising's mission is to partner with students, parents, and the community to facilitate autonomy, foster independence and develop opportunities to engage in and refine the academic advising experience. We strive to engage with students, refine academic and career goals, and advise for deliberate and goal-oriented academic progress.

Whether you are exploring majors, considering health-related careers, or need a partner to facilitate your academic success plan, University Advising is here.

Required/Important Tests

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-mandated program that tests a student's college readiness in subjects such as reading, writing, and math. 

All college students must prove college readiness in reading, writing, and math. You can check your TSI status and connect to testing information at this link. TSI tests are required for students who do not meet TSI compliance, even in test-optional admission. For more information, call 806-742-3661 or email registrar.tsi@ttu.edu. For more information and testing, click here.

The purpose of the Math Placement Exam (MPE) is to test a new student's proficiency in college level math. The score you get one your MPE determines the most appropriate class for your first semester. Keep in mind, the score you received on the math portion on your SAT/ACT test can also determine what course you enroll in. MPE score requirements and prerequisites can be found here.

The Math Placement Exam is NOT a TSI test. If your major requires Calculus (think engineering, physics, math, geology, biology, etc.) and you believe your math skills make you ready for Calculus, take the MPE. Calculus at Tech requires test scores or prerequisite college-credit math classes such as PreCal or Trig. If you have questions about the MPE, give us a call at 806-742-2189 or email advising@ttu.edu. For more information and testing, click here.

The purpose of the Chemistry Placement Exam is to test a new student's proficiency in the subject of chemistry. Depending on your score on the exam, you will either enroll in CHEM 1301 or CHEM 1307. The required scores to be placed in CHEM 1307 and CHEM 1301 can be found here.

If your major requires that you complete CHEM 1307/1107 (think engineering, chemistry, and other STEM fields), you will want to take the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE). If you have questions about whether you need the CPE, give us a call at 806-742-2189 or email advising@ttu.edu. For more information and testing, click here.


I applied as test optional. Do I still need to take TSI or Placement tests?

If you do not have test scores or college credit to prove TSI compliance, you need to take TSI tests. You can check your requirements at this link.

What is an academic advisor?

An academic advisor helps you determine your academic path at TTU.  Your advisor will help you create a schedule each semester that keeps you on track toward graduation.  In addition, your academic advisor can provide information on how to succeed in college and put you in touch with resources such as tutoring, financial aid, and student wellness.  In short, your academic advisor is your link to college success.

How do I change my major?

Even though you got admitted to your certain major, it is still possible to change majors.

Follow the instructions here.

I've been advised and am registered.  Now what?

Although you just got admitted to Texas Tech under your major of choice, you still have some more steps to complete the admitted student process.

Admitted Student Go Here

How do I set up my TTU email on my phone?

Setup TTU Email Link

When I attend RRO, I will still be enrolled in classes at my current school; how do I let my advisor know what classes I'm taking now?

Bring with you (or be able to access electronically) your unofficial transcript from your current school.

How can I tell how my transfer courses will be applied?

Some incoming TTU students may already have some college credits, whether it be from taking dual credit courses in high school or from taking taking courses from the college/university one may be transferring from. Use our Transfer Equivalency Search to see how those credits will transfer to TTU. 


I graduated (or will graduate) from an Early College High School.  Will I still be considered a first-year student even though I have 63 credit hours?

Yes, for admissions and housing purposes, you will.  We count post-high school credit for transfer status.  

My high school said they would send my dual credit information.  Should I do something, too?

Yes – have the college that granted the college credit send us an official transcript.  Do not expect this will happen automatically.  Typically, the student needs to request the transcript be sent to us electronically.

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