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Honors College Red Raider Orientation


Welcome to the Honors College!

Red Raider Orientation (RRO) is designed to help you become familiar with campus, learn about campus resources, meet other new students, and register for classes.  As a member of the Honors College student community, you have expanded course options available to you and you have additional support with your transition to Texas Tech University through your first semester and beyond. 

What do you need to know as an Honors student preparing to attend your RRO session?

Honors advisors are excited to connect with you at your Red Raider Orientation (RRO) session!  


If you are attending a 2-day session, please note the following:


  • Students are required to check in with their MAJOR college at the start of RRO.  Please do this first… but then also come by the Honors College table to say hello and make an Honors connection.
  • Honors advisors want students to prioritize their time at RRO with their MAJOR advisors—who serve as the academic experts for the overall degree plan.  Honors advisors will email incoming students with essential Honors information prior to RRO.  Students are not required to meet with Honors advisors at orientation, but we will host a Come & Go Honors Connection on Day 2 for all students and families who want to come by after course registration with the major advisors.
  • Honors students entering TTU in a fall semester are REQUIRED to enroll in the Honors First-Year Experience Program.  It includes an Honors class earmarked as a First-Year Experience (FYE) course PLUS a separate Learning Community Group (LCG) course.  More information will be sent directly to students prior to RRO.

    Incoming Honors students who attend a 1-day orientation session will receive email correspondence from Honors advising prior to their RRO.  The group Come & Go Honors Connection will not be held on these days, but Honors advisors will still be available at RRO check in and also post-registration for Honors students who wish to make a connection.  


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