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The Honors College Application for Admissions for Entry Year 2024:






Application to the Honors College is made separately from application to Texas Tech University. Students may apply to the university and Honors College simultaneously, but a decision will not be made on a student's Honors College application until the student has been admitted to Texas Tech University. The Honors College utilizes a holistic review process in which all application materials are considered before a decision is awarded. For more information about eligibility and requirements, please see below.






Important Dates



We begin rolling reviews of completed Honors application files on August 1st, with priority consideration* given to applications submitted by December 1st. The earlier you are invited to join the Honors College, the better your chances to take full advantage of the university's opportunities, such as assignments to earlier Red Raider Orientation sessions and a room assignment in the Honors residence hall. Because invitations to join the Honors College are limited,  some students will be placed on a waitlist and may be invited to join at a later date. All waitlist applicants will be notified of final decisions by June 1st.


July 1 | Application opens for all students: high school seniors, current TTU students, and transfer students.

October 1 | Application for Spring Term closes (for current & transfer applications only).

December 1 | Applications for priority consideration for scholarships are due.*
Applications for Undergraduate to Medical School Initiative (UMSI) are due.**

March 1 | Application for Fall Term closes for all students.

May 1 | Invited Fall Term applicants must accept or decline a space in the Honors College.

June 1 | Final notifications sent to waitlisted students.

*See Scholarships for Honors Incoming First Year Students
**UMSI  applicants must submit the Honors application by 11:59 PM CT on December 1st, or the UMSI application will not be reviewed by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. Additionally, UMSI applicants are asked to take and submit a  CASPer test. UMSI candidates are strongly encouraged to make note of deadlines and requirements for the CASPer test.





Eligibility & Requirements


Honors College applications are evaluated as a portfolio, meaning the reviewer will consider the following components before issuing a decision:


  • Test scores (SAT/ACT) and class rank*

  • High school GPA and school records

  • Student short and long essay responses

  • Recommendation responses


*While there are no minimum SAT or ACT scores required to apply, we recommend that applicants score a minimum of 1360 on the SAT or 29 on the ACT, and graduate in the top 10% of their high school class. However, these serve only as benchmarks and prospective students should not consider scores or class rank to be a barrier in their decision to apply.



How to Apply


You may apply to the Honors College before you are accepted to the university; however, a decision on your Honors application will not be finalized until you have been accepted to TTU.


Apply to Texas Tech University



Note: When choosing a major, prospective students may select any major at Texas Tech University. Interested students may also select the in-house Honors College major, Honors Science & the Humanities (HSH), on ApplyTexas or CommonApp, but they need not major in HSH in order to apply to the Honors College. Selecting the HSH major does not guarantee admission to the Honors College. For more information about Honors Sciences & the Humanities, contact Honors@ttu.edu.



Apply to the Honors College




When applying, you will select your student type. Please use the following as a guide:


Students currently enrolled in high school should select First Semester College Student, Entering TTU.


Students currently enrolled in college coursework at Texas Tech University should select Currently Enrolled at Texas Tech University.


Students currently attending another university, but who have graduated from high school, should select Transferring from another college or university.


An application to the Honors College cannot be reviewed until it has been marked “complete”. Students are notified by email when their application is completed and ready to be reviewed. Completed applications are those that meet the following criteria:



  • Shorter and longer essay responses are completed.

  • $35 non-refundable application fee is paid.*

  • Online application has been submitted.**

  • Student is admitted to Texas Tech University.

  • Two electronic recommendation responses are received.



*Application fees are updated manually. Your application fee will be processed and updated within 48 hours of submission.


**Once you save and submit your application, you will be redirected to the payment screen. After entering your payment information, you will then be asked to confirm your application submission. This final screen is confirmation that your application has been submitted.





How can I see what is missing on my application?
If your application has been submitted, you can access a checklist which will show you what items are missing from your application. To view the checklist, log in to the application website and select your Honors College application.


When can I expect to hear back?
You should receive a decision letter by email within 3-4 weeks from the date of completion. Students are notified by email when their application is complete.


I have not heard back and it has been 3-4 weeks. What should I do?
Please send your name, R# (if possible), and inquiry to Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu, and the Admissions Coordinator will check on your application status.




Recommendations & Recommenders


Where do I send my recommendation letters?

Applicants will list the names and e-mail addresses of two academic or teacher recommenders in the online application. We do not accept hard copies or traditional letters of recommendation. Instead, recommenders will receive an email with a link to complete the Honors College's online recommendation form.


Whom should I choose for my recommenders?
We highly recommend that you select individuals who can attest to your aptitude in the classroom, such as a teacher, professor, and/or a high school counselor. The electronic recommendation form is structured to identify your academic strengths, so please keep this in mind when selecting your two recommenders.


May I have more than two recommenders?
No. We only allow two recommendations per application.


May I change my recommender if I have already submitted my application?
To change your recommender, please email Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu with the following information: your name, the name of the recommender who will be removed, and the name and e-mail address of your new recommender.


My recommender did not receive the link to the recommendation form. How do I resend the link?
Please email Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu with your name and the name of the recommender who did not receive the link to the recommendation form.




Acceptance Information



I have been invited to join the Honors College. What should I do next?


  • Sign and return your Honors contract (see Honors Contract below.
  • Register for the earliest Red Raider Orientation possible to ensure better access to TTU and Honors College courses (see Red Raider Orientation below).
  • Select your dormitory (see Housing below).
  • Check your University Admitted Student Tasklist (see Admitted Student Tasklist below).


Honors Contract


Your Honors College contract is a form that indicates your understanding of the College's requirements and conveys your invitation decision to us. Students may accept, decline, or defer a space in the Honors College via the online form. The link to a student's online form is included in the FIRST paragraph of the emailed invitation letter.


Contract decisions are due by 5:00 PM on May 1st. After that date, the student's space may be offered to a waitlisted student.



Red Raider Orientation


All newly admitted students must register for and complete Red Raider Orientation. The Honors College hosts an Honors Welcome at each orientation session, so you may select your preferred date but please note that the earlier your orientation session, the better your access to both university and Honors College courses. Honors students are not given priority registration during orientation, but will have priority registration during their first semester at Texas Tech.





Priority Room Selection is the system University Housing uses to guide students through the process of choosing their bed space and dining plan. It allows you to select a space in a particular dormitory and hall, but it does not allow you to select a particular roommate. While there is no deadline for signing-up, on-campus housing is in high demand and all rooms are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 Honors College students have the opportunity to sign-up for an Honors Learning Community space in either the Honors Hall or Murray Hall (reserved for returning students only), pending availability. Honors College students are not required to stay in the Honors Hall and may select the dormitory of their choice. Questions related to Honors Hall or housing should be directed to University Housing at (806) 742.2661 or Housing@ttu.edu.



Honors Hall


The Honors Hall opened in Fall 2017 and is a co-ed residence space. The Honors Hall features pod-style rooms with movable furniture and a study lounge/common area on each floor which are dedicated to a Texas Tech faculty member and administrator who was essential in the founding and advancement of the Honors College. The 1st floor - former Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Jane Winer; 2nd floor - former Dean of the Honors College, Dr. Gary Bell; 3rd floor - former President and Interim Chancellor of Texas Tech University, Dr. Donald Haragan; and 4th floor - former President of Texas Tech University, Dr. Bob Lawless. Each floor corresponds to one of our Honors Houses.


Admissions1 Housing2
Pictures provided by University Housing.



For more information about the Honors Hall, or to tour the facility, please contact Housing at (806)742.2661 or Housing@ttu.edu.


  • A student must be accepted to TTU before they are able to select a dormitory room and dining plan.

  • Students are not able to select the Honors Hall until they have been invited to join the Honors College.

  • Waitlisted students are encouraged to select an alternate dorm option. If invited to join the Honors College at a later date, waitlisted students can then select the Honors Hall, depending availability.



Admitted Student Tasklist


Please see Texas Tech University Admitted Student Tasklist for more information.




Waitlist Information


I have been waitlisted. What does this mean and what can I expect?
With over 2,000 applications and an average of 450 available seats in our first year class, space is limited. For this reason, a number of applicants with excellent applications may be waitlisted and, pending space availability, invited to join the Honors College at a later time. All waitlisted students are notified of final decisions by June 1st.


Why was I waitlisted?
All the students we invite to join the Honors College have very impressive dossiers, both academically and in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Being waitlisted is not a reflection on your personal accomplishments but rather a reflection that this admissions cycle has been extremely competitive.


When can I expect to hear back about a final decision?
May 1st is the deadline for invited students to either accept or decline their invitation to join the Honors College. If spaces become available after that date, waitlisted students will receive an email with an invitation to join.


Where am I on the waitlist?
Students on the waitlist are not assigned a number. Applications are re-reviewed before a second decision is made.




Contact Us



Email: Honors.Admissions@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-742-1828




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