Texas Tech University

Scholarships for Honors Incoming First Year


Incoming First Year: Apply to the Honors College by December 1st for priority consideration of incoming first year scholarships. Consideration after December 1st is limited.


International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship

The Honors College is pleased to offer scholarships to all entering first-year students who receive an IB Diploma (not an IB certificate) and have submitted their Honors College contract by the deadline stated in their Honors College admission letter. Eligible students will receive a $1,000 scholarship for their first year in the Honors College. 

Please note, it is the responsibility of the applicant to respond to any email questions, or Honors College admission application questions pertaining to their plans to graduate from a high school with an IB diploma.  In order to receive this scholarship, students must present the Honors College with a copy of their IB diploma by the deadline specified in their award letter, which will be sent to students who respond to the aforementioned questions. Students must also remain a student in good standing in the Honors College after the fall semester, or the spring portion of the scholarship will be revoked.

Texas Tech Alumni Association (TTAA) Honors Initiative

The TTAA Honors Initiative was established in 2006 from a generous gift endorsed by the TTAA board to assist the Honors College in recruiting First-year student merit scholars. Award amounts vary annually. Your application to the Honors College will serve as your scholarship application. Selection is made by an Honors College Scholarship committee and is based on exceptional academics and leadership.

Please contact Stacy Poteet for additional information.