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Welcome to the Honors College at Texas Tech University! On behalf of our faculty and staff, current students, and alumni, I welcome you to learn more about who we are and who you can become through a transformational Honors College experience here at TTU.


You saw a tagline on our homepage: Life of the mind, spirit of adventure. I share this confidently and we live it boldly in the Honors College. An Honors College experience is more than merely the sum of its parts. If you engage deeply and honestly with all the Honors College has to offer, the experience will have a profound effect on your life and your future, casting in specific relief the phrase touted by Red Raiders everywhere: From here, it's possible!


Your interest in the Honors College at TTU demonstrates that you feel called to do more, to be more during your academic career. Research opportunities are open to you. Mentoring is available and meaningful. Expanding your worldview is easy through the study abroad program. Graduating with the highest honors is possible by embracing the thesis process. Come grow with us in this richly multifaceted academic environment.


The Honors College at TTU is more than just a building, a program. It's a community of like-minded individuals, interested in the pursuit of knowledge, the expansion of the mind, and the broadening of the intellect. It's living in community with others and seeing the world through their eyes, learning from diverse perspectives and thoughts. It's being challenged to be your best self daily and being supported in that quest. A complete and holistic educational experience that will leave you forever changed.


I invite you to learn more about the Honors College and to carefully consider all that can be gained from an Honors College experience. Please, reach out to me directly with your questions and observations. I look forward to it!



Jill Hernandez, PhD

Dean, Honors College



Honors College Administration

 Questions? Contact Honors@ttu.edu