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Please note the application to apply to either of these Honors seminars is 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 22, 2023.






Six hours only of substitutions permitted per student; Students may not substitute for Honors Seminar or Summit Experience coursework.







The Honors College believes strongly in the formative power of studying abroad. Therefore, the Honors College offers a waiver of 3 hours of upper-level Honors course credits through the successful completion of a Study Abroad Waiver in conjunction with a study abroad program. Through this process, students may earn a waiver for up to 3 hours of Honors non-seminar credit for a summer session, fall or spring semester abroad. Students who study for two separate semesters abroad (full summer, fall or spring) may earn a waiver for up to 6 hours of Honors non-seminar credit. Honors seminars may not be waived. Studying abroad is a type of experiential learning which is most meaningful when accompanied by organized reflection. The purpose of the Study Abroad Waiver is to provide opportunity for this reflection. There are two components to the Study Abroad Waiver:an online journal and an academic reflective essay connecting student experiences abroad to a prescribed book read before leaving. Students are not allowed to complete a Study Abroad Waiver to earn Honors credit during their final semester before graduation. Contact Kelsey Kimzey for more information.







Honors Contracting allows an Honors student to receive Honors credit for a non-Honors course by completing work above and beyond what is required of students in the course. Only 3000 and 4000-level courses that meet face-to-face are eligible to be contracted. Graduate courses and cross-listed courses may also be taken for Honors credit. Contracting is not permitted during a student's final semester before graduation. Contact Kelsey Kimzey for more information.