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HONS 3304 History of West Texas Music Fall 2017 class

Photographs shared by Dr. Curtis L. Peoples

This fall the HONS 3304 History of West Texas Music Fall 2017 class was able to meet with author Chris Oglesby, who authored one their required books, “Fire in the Water Earth in Air: Legends of West Texas Music.”

The class also met with musician Bob Livingston via Skype. Livingston is a Texas Singer-songwriter. Livingston has performed with Austin's legendary Lost Gonzo Band, performed and recorded with Michael Martin Murphey, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Originally from Lubbock, Livingston has toured the world. Since 1987, he has served as a Music Ambassador for the US State Department, and has performed in India, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, demonstrating the unique power that music has to build bridges between peoples of the world.

Two of the students were able to interview their music heroes for their research projects. Daniel Davis interviewed world renowned artist and musician Terry Allen. Rhett Harris interviewed Grammy award winner Ryan Bingham.

The class met with film director and producer Amy Maner. Maner was responsible for the making of the music documentary “Lubbock Lights”, which the class watched during the course of the semester.

HONS 3304 Class - Field Study at the Rifftrax event

Photographs shared by Rob Weiner